A4 Space

A4 Space is a co-working community venue open for the public to use for free on a daily basis. The multi-purpose space includes a cinema room, a library, a dedicated workspace on the mezzanine floor, and a café.

A modern venue with an industrial edge, A4 Space is an ideal space to host a wide range of bespoke private events including corporate events, product launches, brainstorming sessions, board meetings, teambuilding events, workshops, car launches, press days, private lunches/ dinners, presentation or screenings.

- Size: 400 square metres in total

- Includes: Ground Floor, Mezzanine, Cinema Room
- Capacity: up to 200 pax
- Amenities: Furnished, restrooms, WiFi 16MBps

The Loft 

With free wi-fi, workstations, and ample comfortable seating, The Loft makes for an ideal venue for workshops, brainstorming sessions and collaborative work.

- Size: 70 square metres
- Ideal for: workshops, team meetings, brainstorming, lunches / dinners
- Capacity: up to 60 pax
- Amenities: furnished, library, chalkboard

A4 Cinema Room

Size: 85 square metres
- Ideal for: lectures, panel discussions, presentations and film screenings
- Capacity: up to 80 pax
- Amenities: 45 bean bags, AV, soundproof AV SPECS:
- Projector - Sony VPL HW55ES 1700 Lumens HD Projector Max resolution: 1920 x 1080
- Mixer – Yamaha MG 12/4
- Wireless Microphones: 3 Sets
- Movie Formats: Apple ProRes, HD 1080P
- Speakers: Surround Sound
- Screen size: 3m x 5m

Floor Plan and Specs

- 215 square metres
- Overall ceiling height: 9 metres
- Lighting: Pendants with LED bulbs 6000K
- Mezzanine height 2,80 metres

- 85 square metres

- 70 square metres
- Lighting: Pendants with LED bulbs 6000K
- Handrail height: 1,15 metres

A4 Space