The Odd Piece


Inspired to set up a company to promote original and antique pieces of exquisite furniture, The Odd Piece constantly adds to their collection. Their sourcing is entirely from souks, trade shows, antique quarters and exhibitions in France, Italy, Turkey, Morocco and South Africa. The strength is also in their ability to restore items to their former glory or give them a new sheen.

The Odd Piece is essentially a furniture gallery that focuses on creating a seamless dialogue between vintage and modern, featuring extraordinary pieces that are both striking and inspiring. They have a strong niche market and enjoy the work they do so that every piece they restore is done with extreme care, concern and love.

    • LOCATION Warehouse 65
    • Opening Hours Sat - Thurs 10AM - 7PM CLOSED: 24-25, 31 December, 1 January
    • T +971 4379 1217
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