A new cultural hub, “THE DOT”.

Thought of as a gathering place for all curious and creative minds interested in the current changes happening in the Arab world and its diaspora, THE DOT is the (legitimate) child of the digital platform “The Confused Arab” and the cultural marketing agency “Karta”.

The name “THE DOT” is a reference to its affiliation:

A dot allows you to locate yourself on a map (“kharita” in Arabic which has inspired the name Karta)

In Arabic, a dot can completely transform letters and change the various meanings associated to a word.

Through a rich programming based on Dubai’s creative communities, THE DOT is on a mission to build awareness on the diversity of Arab cultures, through times and spaces as well as to challenge preconceived ideas people have about them.

After an opening night celebrating “Yennayer” Amazigh New Year (also known as Berber New Year), THE DOT will be hosting on Saturday 25th January, 4pm, a meaningful discussion on Arab identities.

“Arab identities through spaces: Are we all “Arabs” the same way everywhere?”

 A discussion between: 

  • Abdullah Al Kaabi, Emirati film director

  • Leila Al Aouf, French-Syrian journalist, who just launched “Anwa3” a podcast in Arabic specialized on Gender studies

  • Riham Aboura, Canadian-Palestinian Nike Middle East communication manager

  • Sofiane Si Merabet, French-Algerian founder of “The Confused Arab” and cultural agency “Karta”


”The Confused Arab” is a digitally-born platform interrogating Middle Eastern and North African heritages, digging around the concept of ”Future of Nostalgia”.

Because we all grew up with Nostalgia. Because Nostalgia is one the most shared feelings amongst Arabs.

Let’s change their perception of who we are and who we want to be.

Let's change our perception of who we are but most importantly of who we want to be.

Voice out your memories to leverage them.
In diasporas, in native moving societies, you are building new futures.

Let's write together the future of nostalgia.




Karta is a marketing and creative consultancy animated by the passion for culture(s).

Culture is not just about what's trendy or cool today.

Cultural insights are key to anticipate changing consumers behaviors, to create meaningful communication strategies and to engage audiences around the world.

Animated by authenticity and relevance, we invite you to look at what’s happening outside of your industry and company walls.

With passion in one hand and curiosity in the other, we have created Karta, your partner with a unique and distinctive perspective on the region that caters to your needs and answers your concerns: digital marketing, content creation, video production, consumer insights, events management, communication strategies…

Karta derives from the Arabic word “map” (خريطة). We are cultural cartographers.