Nightjar Coffee has been operating as boutique coffee supplier within the foodservice sector for the last 2 years, and in late 2018 we finally opened our doors to the public inside the acclaimed Alserkal Avenue. It’s a coffee roastery disguised as an eatery, an event room, a training facility, a party space; whatever goes… we’ve got coffee, music and nourishment that works be it early morning or late at night. It’s built around the things we want out of our work life. 

Our primary intent is to act as a platform for the region’s coffee people.  Whether our end client is a small home roaster, or a large scale business, we have created a space where people of all walks can soak up coffee vibes. Nightjar’s spatial design is built around this – you can cup the latest micro lot coffee, sample espresso, wax lyrical with baristas about all things coffee origins and brewing geekery, have breakfast, have a meeting, hook on strong wi-fi, perhaps some lunch or come back for dinner and a show (there is both an independent cinema and theater on our lane!) 

Basically, anyone who works in the coffee industry fast realises it’s not just a vocation, it’s a way of life, so it’s mighty important to try and incorporate the things you love into the things you do.  This is what gives Nightjar its own identity. A space for good geeks made by a passionate coffee crew who enjoy the moment. There are many reasons to visit, so let our space be now your place. 

With coffee, our philosophy has always been really simple and we locked onto the phrase ‘make it good’. That’s it. From sourcing green, to developing roast profiles, to cold brew production, or simply when we are hammering out espressos and flat whites over the counter on a busy weekend brunch, each individual at Nightjar try and make it as good as we can each and every time. 

We find the SP9’s from Marco a great way to be able to offer consistency with our soft brews without being too time consuming, although of course a customer can request a manual method. And for our espresso we settled on the black eagle. The gravitech is a really useful tool for those times when you are under the pump. We’re also finding our cold coffee brewed on tap to be a real hit; we’ve developed an original range, some signature cold brew flavours as well as nitro tea on tap. We are pleased as punch it’s been so well received as the range is a very rational alternative to sugary energy or soda drinks.

Our other mantra is ‘give a damn’. Farmers have spent a lot of energy to make a beautiful coffee, so how was it processed, who’s handled it, and how did they get paid? If we meet farmers at origin and love their coffee we try and return every year to build the relationship. And who’s the ultimate end consumer? How do they like their coffee? We love to advise profile what we think is best suited and complimentary for the coffee origin or blend - roast, grind, brew profile - but we certainly don’t dictate how someone should enjoy their moment of joy in a cup. Coffee can be a personal thing, we give a damn about this! Indeed, as the interest in specialty coffee has sky rocketed, there was always the risk of it becoming a little exclusive and alienating itself from the general customer base. There was a bit of a trend toward coffee snobbery, and often times the attitude of baristas toward customers showed perhaps that they’d forgotten that hospitality was still the name of the game. Nightjar’s game plan is to try and demystify the genre a little without compromising on quality, but just try and shift our focus to customer service so that more people get it.  

We have established relationships with farmers in Burundi, Rwanda and Colombia via our sourcing partner, Raw Material (NZ), so these are our main seasonal offerings, although we work with other local roasters to diversify our coffee offering. The demand for some origins is so high it can’t be ignored. What we have, you can find at Nightjar.

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    • Opening Hours Roastery & Eatery Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM Roastery & Barista Bar (Coffee Only) Sunday 9AM-6PM
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