Mojo Gallery


Mojo Gallery forms the focal point in a multifunctional artspace that brings together several creative forms, Art, design and new media.

As a gallery, Mojo focuses on exhibitions that explore contemporary expressions and concepts in fine art and design through multiple mediums and formats that encompass more than classical genres. Including original paintings, conceptual photography, digital media, works on paper, mixed media prints, sculpture, illustrations, video art and installation pieces.

They actively explore the convergence between fine art, design, new media and contemporary visual culture. With the aim of exposing a wider audience to innovative art and compelling creative ideas, they attempt to take risks, ask questions and open debates. The objective is to provide a credible platform for emerging artists to facilitate their development and exposure through both solo and thematic group exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on valid conceptual content, aesthetic values and skill of execution, while maintaining a progressive direction in art making.

They are dedicated to promoting artists both locally and from around the world to develop an ongoing dialogue between Dubai and other international art scenes. And ultimately bring something new to the region's cultural sphere.

    • LOCATION Warehouse 33
    • Opening Hours Sat - Thurs 10AM - 7PM
    • T +971 4347 7388
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