Lammtara is more than an award-­‐‑winning animation studio. It is a multi-­‐‑ faceted business that has placed the UAE on the global map of entertainment. Merging technology with creativity, Lammtara is dedicated to creating high quality entertainment that appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences.

From sketch to animation, from corporate to entertainment extravaganzas the skills, dedication and resources to make projects happen.

Driven by a team of passionate professionals, Lammtara has used its many strengths to produce work of exceptional quality and creativity.

It all started with a dream. In 2005, Mohammed Saeed Harib set his mind to create the Middle East’s pioneering 3D animated series. In September of that year he established Lammtara Pictures and announced his first animation project, FREEJ. A team of almost 500 talented people was recruited to turn the dream of FREEJ to reality. The show went on air in 2006 to rave reviews from viewers and critics alike. Soon FREEJ was considered a cultural phenomenon and the FREEJ craze swept through the region.

Since then Lammtara has evolved. It is now a full fledged media solutions company which offers a wide range of services, from video production and animation to corporate identity and event management.

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