Crank is more than just a place to workout. We have invested our energy and passion into creating a space where you can free your mind, challenge yourself and become part of a strong community. This is reflected in our choice of location, Alserkal Avenue.
Our instructors are energetic, fun and above all inspiring. They will push you to your limits and redefine your threshold, so come with an open mind and let yourself get lost in the beat.
Pedal through heavy climbs and saddle up for powerful sprints in our 45 and 60 minute signature Ride sessions. Enjoy a full body workout set against beat-pumping tracks and state of the art light and sound system. 
An all-encompassing workout combining high intensity interval training and functional movement skills designed to challenge, burn and shape selected muscle groups and boost your overall strength.
Balance your fitness routine with a combination of dynamic and static stretching for all levels of flexibility. These sessions are designed to aid muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance performance. 
    • LOCATION Warehouse 43
    • Opening Hours 7AM-7:30PM
    • T +971 43212095
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