71Structural Art


71 Structural Art is highly committed to promote arts in all aspects of communication believing in the motto that “Art is a language and is the origin of all languages”. 71STRUCTURALART creates space for artists to work ‘hands-on’ and be part of a larger community. Further to this, The Studio is open for all to come and experience and see work in progress  Artists are constantly looking for spaces to work in and creators to collaborate with. Our desire is to encourage and host local artists, and to create an environment where artistic methods and inspiration are shared.

Moreover  our team of experts in 71STRUCTURALART are dedicated to create high level and refined art exhibitions aimed to blend knowledge of the art business with event expertise and perfection. 71 Structural Art offers space to established and amateurs artists to exhibit their unique and wisely curated pieces following a dedicated seasonal theme.  We provide educational elements alongside our art exhibitions such as workshops, panels or lectures with subjects of discussion based on the theme chosen  for every art expo. 

    • LOCATION Warehouse 40
    • Opening Hours Saturday - Thursday 10AM - 7PM
    • T +971 4 3316661
    • E
    • W https://www.71structuralart.com/