While We Wait at Concrete

26 October 2017V&A | Concrete
While We Wait at Concrete

While We Wait is an immersive installation by Bethlehem-based architects Elias and Yousef Anastas about the cultural claim over nature in Palestine. The towering structure is made out of elements of differently coloured stones, quarred in various regions of Palestine, fading from earthy red to pale limestone. The stone elements are shaped by both innovate and traditional techniques: designed on a computer, cut by robots, and hand-finished by local artisans. 

Commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London for the London Design Festival 2017, While We Wait will be on show in Concrete from 6 - 18 November 2017. 



"While We Wait’s gestation is in the V&A, where it was commissioned, but its life begins in the occasional glade under the big Cremisan sky. Some will play football near it; others will hold interfaith prayers in the tower; perhaps a deer will come to rest in its shade. In bountiful Cremisan, the tower can and will serve many a purpose."

Read the full curatorial text by Karim Kattan.


Images courtesy of Edward Sumner