Digital Commission

Satellites by Hiba Ali

01 May 2017Hiba Ali
Satellites by Hiba Ali

Satellites are technologies that help map the world around us. As technology has improved, so has our ability to survey and change the landscape. The surface of the Earth changes from the angle we are observing it from, whether from above or at a closer distance.

Through GIF’s, Satellites digital collage examines remote sensing through an artistic lens. Remote sensing is a scientific practice of taking digital photos of the earth from satellites. It is used for urban planning and infrastructure, mapping out natural resources and weather. In addition, in Dubai, it is used to protect natural ecology, combating desertification and as a method of tracking the changes of the coastline. The GIF’s of the warped and mutated Earth's surface is a re-imagination of what a different version of the earth could look like.   


Hiba Ali's Biography: Hiba is a new media artist and researcher. Her practice is focused on objects that are produced from global circuits and their embedded codes, encompassing both the technological and sociological. She is a graduate student at UT Austin pursuing her MFA degree. She has exhibited in Chicago (IL), New York (NY), Detroit (MI), Ann Arbor (MI), London (UK) and Dubai (UAE). She will be a visiting artist at Modern Fuel in Kingston, Ontario this summer. 

Commissioned by Alserkal Programming


Folio Digital Projects: Lifelike

Folio Digital Projects are a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In its first year, Alserkal Programming will commission several artists to create new works. This concept developed from a desire to work with and support, a new generation of artists who harness the language of social media and the Internet to explore the shifting nature of a post-Internet existence. The concept of the first series of FDP is Lifelike, a theme that opens up discussion on the Internet’s effects on our lives, our sense of reality, and the shift in the perception of images.