Digital Commission


17 July 2017Chndy

“Oh that’s Kanye West trying to smile in the corner, next to a skeleton wearing a virtual reality device.”

In this work the artist expresses his view of the unending stream of information that is pushed to consumers.

Rather than critiquing the information that is shared or evaluating it from a particular viewpoint, the work specifically looks to the vast quantity of information that is received on a daily basis via the internet. In doing so, it recognises the amount of information that is being consumed digitally in this day and age and how it has become normal to view and to process large amounts of visual information in one go.

The likelihood of two or more images that contradict each other being presented in tandem or consecutively is high. For instance, a humorous image can often be followed by an image of war or a religious image might be adjacent to or followed profane images. These contradictions make the artist question where the internet stands today.

Attempting to gathering all the information that the human mind processes, MEDIAA PUNCHH!! tries to capture what it feels like to be punched with an endless stream of information. The artist has gathered over 100 images that have been trending online for the past few years in gif format.  

This work is a composite of a number of files that support both animated and static images, placing them in a motion collage. Looking at this motion of images gives the feeling of being hunted down by data. Every part of the motion picture tells a different story layered with different imagery. The artist has added a kaleidoscopic effect to the work to mimic the effect of getting punched in the face.




Chndy's Biography: Based between Dubai, Muscat, Riyadh and Jeddah, Mohamed Al Kindi (Chndy) is a photographer and graphic designer from Oman. He is the first recipient of the Middle East Now x Crossway Foundation Residency Program grant. Chndy has shot look books for streetwear brands including Vans and Carhartt WIP and has art directed campaigns and shows for the Saudi YouTube network Telfaz11. His work has been showcased at the Middle East Now festival in Florence and the Ali Baba Can’t Be Found Here exhibition at at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni among others. Chndy is the creator of the official poster for Saudi romantic comedy Barakah Meets Barakah, directed by Mahmoud Sabbagh and starring Hisham Fageeh and Fatima Al Banawi, which premiered at the 66th Berlinale in 2016. 



Folio Digital Projects: Lifelike

Folio Digital Projects are a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In its first year, Alserkal Programming will commission several artists to create new works. This concept developed from a desire to work with and support, a new generation of artists who harness the language of social media and the Internet to explore the shifting nature of a post-Internet existence. The concept of the first series of FDP is Lifelike, a theme that opens up discussion on the Internet’s effects on our lives, our sense of reality, and the shift in the perception of images.