• Majlis Talks | Dayanita Singh in conversation with Nada Raza
  • Art

    Majlis Talks | Dayanita Singh in conversation with Nada Raza

    29 March 2020Alserkal Avenue

    Dayanita Singh pushes the boundaries of photographic practice with great care and attention to form and composition. Her mobile museum and book projects draw on an extensive archive of images from previous bodies of work. Hear her in conversation with Ishara Art Foundation’s Nada Raza.

  • Art

    Majlis Talks | Latif Al Ani in conversation with Tamara Abdul Hadi

    29 March 2020Alserkal

    Two generations of Iraqi photographers in dialogue, as Latif Al Ani (n. 1932, Karbala) speaks with Iraqi-Canadian photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi on the occasion of Al Ani’s solo exhibition at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde (18 November - 28 December 2019). The talk will provide further insight into Al Ani’s widely celebrated documentary archive capturing the transformation in urban and rural Iraqi society of the 1950s and 1960s, offering a unique gaze and testimony of this transitional and pivotal moment in the country’s history.

  • Majlis Talks | Latif Al Ani in conversation with Tamara Abdul Hadi
  • Cape Town: A New Capital for Art
  • Art

    Cape Town: A New Capital for Art

    26 March 2020Rebecca Anne Proctor

    The eighth edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair took place in February against an uneasy socio-economic backdrop — concluding in solid sales, and a newfound zeal for multiculturalism

  • Art

    The Lighthouse Podcast x Vilma Jurkute

    25 March 2020Alserkal Avenue

    Alserkal Director Vilma Jurkute sat down with Hashem Montasser, creator of The Lighthouse Podcast, to share her experience in developing Alserkal Avenue as the leading arts & culture district in the region.

  • The Lighthouse Podcast x Vilma Jurkute
  • Art, A Space for Encounter
  • Art

    Art, A Space for Encounter

    01 March 2020Mila Samdub

    For our special coverage of Dhaka Art Summit 2020, Mila Samdub reports on the ruangrapa co-initiated GUDSKUL: contemporary art collective and ecosystem studies

  • A Metaphorical Fault Line
  • Art

    A Metaphorical Fault Line

    01 March 2020Mila Samdub

    For our special coverage of Dhaka Art Summit 2020, Mila Samdub sums up his experience, which centered on the flow of transnational currents

  • A Centre and a Summit
  • Art

    A Centre and a Summit

    01 March 2020Mila Samdub

    For our special coverage of Dhaka Art Summit 2020, Mila Samdub speaks to Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani about Srihatta, their upcoming sculpture park project in rural Sylhet

  • A Space for Collectives
  • Art

    A Space for Collectives

    01 March 2020Mila Samdub

    For our special coverage of Dhaka Art Summit 2020, Mila Samdub explores the impact of collectives on de-institutionalisation

  • Art

    What is the role of the artist in society?

    25 February 2020Alserkal Avenue

    In the context of shifting definitions surrounding the role that the artist plays in nation building and place-making, Stephen Hobbs (Director of Johannesburg’s The Trinity Session) and Laila Binbrek (Coordinating Director of the National Pavilion UAE la Biennale di Venezia) unpack insights that reflect on current trends and possible futures.

  • What is the role of the artist in society?
  • Art

    Taking Shape

    04 February 2020Danna Lorch

    Taking Shape: Barjeel Art Foundation’s comprehensive Arab Abstraction show opens in New York City at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery. FOLIO surveys the exhibition with co-curator Suheyla Takesh

  • Taking Shape
  • One-on-one with: Nabila Abdel Nabi
  • Art

    One-on-one with: Nabila Abdel Nabi

    27 January 2020Aimee Dawson

    London’s Tate museum is taking its commitment to internationalise its collection to the next level. In September last year, the institution announced a raft of new curatorial staff to focus on art from non-Western regions: Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Tate says the new positions build on 20 years of working to represent art beyond Europe and North America and “form part of Tate’s ongoing strategy to explore multiple art histories from a global perspective”.

  • Art

    Majlis Talk: Lydia Yee In Conversation with Rana Begum and Marina Tabassum

    07 January 2020Alserkal Avenue

    Where is the confluence of art and architecture? Visual artist Rana Begum and award-winning architect Marina Tabassum discuss the hopeful installation Phoenix Will Rise, with Lydia Yee, as part of the opening programme of the Alserkal Arts Foundation exhibition Is This Tomorrow?, held in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery London.

  • Majlis Talk: Lydia Yee In Conversation with Rana Begum and Marina Tabassum
  • Mystical Warriors
  • Art

    Mystical Warriors

    24 December 2019Rebecca Anne Proctor

    The works in Reza Derakshani’s latest show at Leila Heller Gallery reveal the mystical connections between the artist’s time in Russia, and the forgotten tales and symbolism of his Iranian heritage

  • Art

    Blurring the Boundaries

    17 December 2019Alserkal Avenue

    Is This Tomorrow? Five pairings of artists and architects challenge the question through experiential installations that offer speculative visions of the future. Whitechapel Gallery curator Lydia Yee takes us on a journey through the works

  • Blurring the Boundaries
  • Slippery Modernism
  • Art

    Slippery Modernism

    10 December 2019Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones reviews Building Bauhaus, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation’s tribute to the German art school’s centenary – with a regional twist.

  • Art

    Urban Battle Scars

    04 December 2019Rebecca Anne Proctor

    Lebanese artist Marwan Rechmaoui’s current exhibition in Sharjah reflects on the historical events that have led the Lebanese state to its present predicament

  • Urban Battle Scars
  • This Used to Be the Future
  • Art

    This Used to Be the Future

    26 November 2019Aidan Imanova

    The inaugural Sharjah Architecture Triennial took place in the Northern emirate as the first platform for architecture across the Middle East, North and East Africa, South and Southeast Asia. Spread across multiple venues including the newly renovated Al Qasimiyah School and the old Al Jubail Fruit & Vegetable market, the theme, titled ‘Rights of Future Generations’, is an invitation to rethink fundamental questions surrounding architecture, urbanism, and climate to create alternative modes of existence for generations to come.

  • Art

    Delving Into Design

    12 November 2019Alserkal Avenue

    Wondering how you can celebrate the confluence of art, design, and architecture in Alserkal Avenue during November? FOLIO selects the top things to see, and experience, throughout the month

  • Delving Into Design
  • Is This Tomorrow? Art VS Architecture
  • Art

    Is This Tomorrow? Art VS Architecture

    12 November 2019Katrina Kufer and Aidan Imanova

    For this review of Is This Tomorrow?, an exhibition presented in a collaboration between Alserkal Arts Foundation and the UK’s Whitechapel Gallery, FOLIO enlisted the expertise of an arts writer, and an architecture writer. Katrina Kufer and Aidan Imanova experience the show from their perspectives, which after all, are not so divergent — much like the message of the show.

  • Art

    What does it mean to be in relation?

    05 November 2019Swapnaa Tamhane

    Co-curated by Alserkal Avenue alumni Tairone Bastien, the Toronto Biennial explores the implications of an increasingly anthropocentric world. Swapnaa Tamhane reviews the first edition of a biennial which, it turns out, is a direct mirror of our epoch

  • What does it mean to be in relation?
  • Rayyane Tabet: Hidden Messages
  • Art

    Rayyane Tabet: Hidden Messages

    29 October 2019Tim Cornwell

    Ringed in stone and steel, Rayyane Tabet’s practice is an essay in alternative histories. For his first major solo exhibition in London at Parasol unit, the Lebanese artist showcases a cross-section of works from the last 13 years of his journey — to powerful effect

  • Art

    Eat With Great Delight

    14 October 2019Alserkal Avenue

    A food walk with Rajyashri Goody in the Satwa neighbourhood of Dubai inspired discussions around the hierarchies and sensitivities that permeate food culture. The artist speaks to FOLIO about her project, Eat with Great Delight, part of the Body Building exhibition at Ishara Art Foundation

  • Eat With Great Delight
  • The Paradox of Memory
  • Art

    The Paradox of Memory

    10 October 2019Rebecca Anne Proctor

    Larissa Sansour’s latest show at Lawrie Shabibi questions the role of memory in human survival.

  • The Paradox of Memory
  • Art

    Blurring Boundaries

    24 September 2019Katherine Volk

    Reflecting on the expansive growth that has transformed the UAE, artists Areej Kaoud, Ayman Zedani, Jumairy and Raja’a Khalid were commissioned by NYUAD to create installations exploring the notion of landscape - not only as a physical realm, but also as a spiritual, mental and virtual space. The works incite us to reposition ourselves in the world beyond geographical and political boundaries, to re-think rational constructs of time and place.

  • Blurring Boundaries
  • Spirit of the Emirates: an interview with Farah Al Qasimi
  • Art

    Spirit of the Emirates: an interview with Farah Al Qasimi

    22 September 2019Aimee Dawson

    As she reveals her first feature-length film in a new solo show at The Third Line, we speak to Farah Al Qasimi about jinn folklore, how she has seen the UAE change, and why she is Dragon Mart’s biggest fan

  • Art

    Hassan Hajjaj: Carte Blanche

    02 September 2019Alserkal

    Ahead of his very first retrospective opening at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, Hassan Hajjaj speaks to FOLIO about the role music, fashion, and ethnicity play in his vibrant, instantly-recognisable work

  • Hassan Hajjaj: Carte Blanche
  • The Storyteller: Hera Büyüktaşçıyan
  • Art

    The Storyteller: Hera Büyüktaşçıyan

    27 August 2019Ari Akkermans

    Hera Büyüktaşçıyan works as a storyteller, integrating metaphors from local myths, historic and iconographic elements of different geographies, revealing new narratives. Ari Akkermans explores the rich practice of the Istanbul-based artist

  • Avenue

    Soothing the Soothsayers

    20 August 2019Alserkal

    Since late July, Alserkal Avenue has been hosting its summer programme under the theme Foretold Now. Curated by arts writer Kevin Jones, who describes himself as someone who is obsessed with studying the human desire to speculate, Foretold Now comprises talks, reading groups, and performances that explore the insatiable human appetite for the future — and people’s attempts to predict it. In this episode of the FOLIO podcast, we investigate the obsessive need to soothsay

  • Soothing the Soothsayers
  • Chapters in Defense of Making and in Homage to The Other
  • Art

    Chapters in Defense of Making and in Homage to The Other

    06 August 2019Katrina Kufer

    Over the summer, Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian disrupt existing art systems at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde. 'We Are Open for Installation' sees the Dubai-based Iranian artist collective create a think-tank that pays its dues to the process of art making through a collaborative, ever-changing space. The trio discusses their art-as-life philosophy through manifesto-esque statements with introductions provided by Katrina Kufer, revealing a complex practice enriched by historical canons as much as spontaneous innovation

  • Chapters in Defense of Making and in Homage to The Other
  • Art

    I Can See You Laughing [Part 2]

    30 July 2019Myrna Ayad

    In the second of the two-part series on Monir Farmanfarmaian, Myrna Ayad trails the artist’s return to Iran, global recognition, museum retrospectives, and her final wish: a namesake foundation

  • I Can See You Laughing [Part 2]
  • I Can See You Laughing
  • Art

    I Can See You Laughing

    23 July 2019Myrna Ayad

    In the first of a two-part series, Myrna Ayad recounts her memories of the late Monir Farmanfarmaian, beginning with her early years in Iran through to the rise of her career

  • Art

    Floating Signifier

    18 July 2019Caleb Mathern

    Achieving an ecstatic symbiosis of space and time that museum collections and art fairs fail at often, Rahbar’s soulful works finesse broadly connected ideas into an intimate, thoroughly unexpected setting for the audience to work through

  • Floating Signifier
  • An Art Of Interesting Times
  • Art

    An Art Of Interesting Times

    09 July 2019Rebecca-Anne Proctor

    Curator Ralph Rugoff’s exhibition for the 58th Venice Biennale looks at ambiguity as a new social aesthetic for today’s troubling times

  • A Photographic Renaissance
  • Art

    A Photographic Renaissance

    02 July 2019Rayya Badran

    The Arab Image Foundation’s new online platform makes over 500,000 photographic objects accessible to the world, revealing not only a more inclusive approach to archival and contemporary artistic practices, but also, layers of untold stories.

  • A Photographic Renaissance
  • Avenue

    Concrete: At the confluence of art and industry

    25 June 2019Edwin Heathcote

    As Concrete becomes the first building in Dubai to be shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, architect, designer, and writer Edwin Heathcote reflects on the building's substance and significance

  • Concrete: At the confluence of art and industry
  • The Atassi Foundation: Connecting Syria to the World
  • Art

    The Atassi Foundation: Connecting Syria to the World

    18 June 2019Anna Wallace-Thompson

    The Atassi Foundation for Art and Culture seeks to shine a light on Syrian art worldwide. Founded by Mouna and Sadek Atassi and run by Shireen Atassi, so far it has organised three large-scale exhibitions, established an e-journal, and launched the Modern Art Syria Archive, an ambitious archive project to digitise Syrian art. Shireen speaks to Anna Wallace-Thompson about the importance of remaining nimble in the non-profit world, and how the Foundation sees itself as a partner to the many artists it supports

  • Art

    A Gloomy Sunset, A Sea of Amusements

    11 June 2019Rachel Bennett

    Amir Khojasteh’s paintings are absurd distortions that imply an insidious repetition of past mistakes. Yet in their cyclic energy, they also suggest the possibility of a vibrant alternative. The Iranian artist, whose solo exhibition 'The Gloomiest Sunset in the World' is currently on show at Carbon 12, plays with the idea of violence and power, dictatorship and sacredness of fear, representing it through fantasy, dark humor, and a highly expressive painterly style

  • A Gloomy Sunset, A Sea of Amusements
  • Two Sides to Every Story
  • Art

    Two Sides to Every Story

    03 June 2019Alserkal Avenue

    FOLIO takes you inside 'Passages', Nujoom Al Ghanem's immersive installation for the National Pavilion UAE at the 58th Venice Biennale. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, the showcase sees the Emirati artist fuse poetry and filmmaking, and reflect on the universal experience of displacement and alienation

  • Art

    When the Band Comes Marching In

    29 May 2019Alserkal Avenue

    'Territorial Symphonies', a performance supported by Alserkal and presented by Block Universe, questions the power structures of the Venice Biennale. Performed during the opening of the Biennale, the new work by Lithuanian artist Indrė Šerpytytė sees a brass band play the national anthems of over 60 countries that lie beyond the Giardini, exploring the inclusion and exclusion of countries in the Venice Biennale, and forming a continuous fanfare to the missing and absent

  • When the Band Comes Marching In
  • The Beauty Taboo
  • Art

    The Beauty Taboo

    26 May 2019Danna Lorch

    'True Love', Johan Creten's exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery in Dubai, is a testament to the Belgian artist's fervent pursuit of bodily beauty

  • Art

    Rooms for Debate

    21 May 2019Rebecca Anne Proctor

    Showcasing ways in which contemporary designers, artists, and architects continue to weave elements from Islamic visual tradition into their work, the Jameel Prize 5 exhibition at Jameel Arts Centre poses the question: is there such a thing as contemporary Islamic art?

  • Rooms for Debate
  • Trusting Eye Over Mind
  • Art

    Trusting Eye Over Mind

    15 May 2019Katrina Kufer

    Indian artist Shilpa Gupta—currently exhibiting at Alserkal Avenue’s Ishara Art Foundation—has a diverse practice that embraces politics, localisation, and arbitrary notions of boundaries

  • Art

    Poetry in Motion

    08 May 2019Melissa Gronlund

    Nujoom Al Ghanem fuses poetry and filmmaking for 'Passages', a reflection on the universal experience of displacement and alienation. The Emirati poet and director speaks to Melissa Gronlund about her solo presentation for the National Pavilion UAE at the 58th Venice Biennale

  • Poetry in Motion
  • The Emotion of Architecture
  • Art

    The Emotion of Architecture

    07 May 2019Anna Seaman

    For British-Iraqi architect Heitham Adjina, art and architecture go together. His solo exhibition at Showcase Gallery explores abstraction in the midst of carefully constructed compositions, revealing his perspective on the very nature of what it means to be human

  • Avenue

    Reflect & Reconnect: Ramadan at Alserkal Avenue

    05 May 2019Vinita Bharadwaj

    In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, we catch up with Butheina Kazim from Cinema Akil, Kenza and Patrick Jarjour from Inked, and Lola Boatwright form Gulf Photo Plus to hear about their Ramadan line-up. Plus, discover Alserkal's month-long alternative programme.

  • Reflect & Reconnect: Ramadan at Alserkal Avenue
  • She just wanted to be Baya
  • Art

    She just wanted to be Baya

    01 May 2019Danna Lorch

    Charmingly, the late Algerian artist Baya's gouaches transcend all labels. Dubai's Elmarsa Gallery presents an exhibition of Baya's dreamlike works, all of which are infused with naivety and primitivism

  • Art

    I Am Loyal to Colour*

    28 April 2019Maria Mumtaz

    The Emirati artist Hassan Sharif’s first posthumous show at Dubai’s Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde explores the artist’s use of colour, one aspect of his diverse and unconventional multidisciplinary artistic practice. Folio speaks with Mohamed Sharif, Hassan's nephew, to discuss the late artist's ever-growing legacy

  • I Am Loyal to Colour*
  • Retracing, Remembering
  • Art

    Retracing, Remembering

    22 April 2019Rachel Bennett

    'The Encounter of the First and Last Particles of Dust' is Stéphanie Saadé’s second solo presentation at Grey Noise, Dubai. The exhibition centres around a new work, the actual carpet that covered the floor of the room that the artist occupied as a teenager in her family home

  • Art

    Tomorrow Through Yesterday’s Eyes

    18 April 2019Katrina Kufer

    Bernhard Buhmann’s exhibition at Carbon 12, 'The Chaser, The Ambusher and the Fickle', roots itself in classical artistic canons to tackle society’s rising uncertainty in the face of technology

  • Tomorrow Through Yesterday’s Eyes
  • Collaborative Co-existence: Radio Rhodiola
  • Art

    Collaborative Co-existence: Radio Rhodiola

    14 April 2019Alserkal Avenue

    Commissioned by Alserkal Arts Foundation, the Athens-based artist collective 3 137 bring together 24 artists, writers, and curators to develop a programme of screenings, radio shows, and performances that investigate the theme of maintenance

  • Art

    Humanity as Refuge

    10 April 2019Vinita Bharadwaj

    The exhibition 'Fabric(ated) Fractures', which ran at Concrete in Alserkal Avenue from 9-30 March 2019, explored the complexities of sensitive spaces, a testament to human fortitude in the face of violence. In this two-part series of Conversations on the Avenue, we discover a poignant exhibition through the eyes of its curator and exhibiting artists

  • Humanity as Refuge
  • A River of Hope
  • Art

    A River of Hope

    08 April 2019Anna Seaman

    Sadik Kwaish Alfraji's latest exhibition at Ayyam Gallery leaves the viewer hanging somewhere between nostalgia and sorrow—a space the Iraqi artist infuses with poetic romanticism

  • Art

    Upon Reflection: Rana Begum

    04 April 2019Nick Leech

    Rana Begum captures the unexpected geometries of urban environments in 'Perception and Reflection', a solo exhibition at The Third Line comprised entirely of reflectors. The artist speaks to Folio about perception, reflection, and her constant conversation with light

  • Upon Reflection: Rana Begum
  • Off the Grid
  • Art

    Off the Grid

    01 April 2019Katrina Kufer

    Iranian-American artist Kamrooz Aram’s 'Arabesque' at Green Art Gallery questions exoticism, the definitions of ornamentation versus decoration, and artistic nature versus nurture

  • Art

    A Brave New Mythology

    28 March 2019Danna Lorch

    Soraya Sharghi’s portraits manufacture new mythologies in which women hold all the power. Her first solo exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery is a bold display of colour and concept, and navigates the role of power in society, exploring themes regarding the function of icons

  • A Brave New Mythology
  • Fabric(ated) Fractures
  • Art

    Fabric(ated) Fractures

    25 March 2019Rania Habib

    'Fabric(ated) Fractures', a collaboration between Samdani Art Foundation and Alserkal, was on show at Concrete, Alserkal Avenue from 9-30 March 2019. Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt and exhibiting artists Ayesha Jatoi and Reetu Sattar discuss how they challenge ideas of nation, state, and territory

  • Art

    Opening the Doors to South Asia

    20 March 2019Jyoti Kalsi

    Ishara Art Foundation brings South Asian art to Alserkal Avenue, broadening a growing South to South dialogue in the region

  • Opening the Doors to South Asia
  • An Artistic Meditation
  • Art

    An Artistic Meditation

    15 March 2019Anna Seaman

    Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim’s practice is about accessing a part of the subconscious where the mind switches off and emotions take over. His work occupies that space, poetically described as the space between the eyelid and the eyeball

  • Art

    The Africa Connection

    06 March 2019Rebecca Anne Proctor

    As the global art world shines a light on Africa, Rebecca Anne Proctor writes on the growing dialogue between the Middle East and Africa

  • The Africa Connection
  • In the Garden of Good and Evil
  • Art

    In the Garden of Good and Evil

    01 March 2019Anna Wallace Thompson

    At the heart of Iranian artist Reza Aramesh’s practice is a razor-sharp investigation of what it means to be human. Civilisations rise and fall, time passes, yet to be human never changes. With an interest in the iconography of the human body and torment in Western art history, Aramesh creates photographic and sculptural works that examine the cross section between beauty and suffering. Anna Wallace-Thompson speaks to him about the anniversary of his Centrefold Project, as well as his latest works, on view at Leila Heller Gallery Dubai

  • Art

    Poetic Patterns

    18 February 2019Danna Lorch

    In his first solo show at The Third Line, Jordan Nassar adds his own freestyle landscape stitching to Palestinian embroidery, resulting in a collaborative body of work that is filled with an outsider’s longing

  • Poetic Patterns
  • Art

    The Fabric of Fractures

    05 February 2019Rania Habib

    Highlighting the importance of shifting curatorial discourses eastward, curator Diana Campbell Betancourt delves into the practices that define contemporary South and Southeast Asian art in 'Fabric(ated) Fractures', a group exhibition opening in Concrete in March

  • The Fabric of Fractures
  • Home is Where the Art Is
  • Art

    Home is Where the Art Is

    04 February 2019Nick Leech

    Our need for a sense of rootedness and well-being is deeply-seated. But when these are denied us, an intellectual refuge and a place to call home is the answer to that imperative, explains Hesam Rahmanian, whose 'Don’t worry, spiders, I keep house casually' is on show at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde

  • Language as Process
  • Art

    Language as Process

    04 February 2019Rachel Bennett

    Lara Assouad’s solo exhibition at Grey Noise draws on Bauhaus principles, exploring tangible abstractions of letter forms as a mode of linguistic engagement

  • Art

    Chaos, Love, and Enigmas

    29 January 2019Katrina Kufer

    Malaysian artist Hasanul Isyraf Idris tackles his homeland’s multiculturalism through densely populated compositions that engage episodic memory, manifested by mythological through to Sci-Fi imagery. Katrina Kufer meets the artist ahead of his Asia Contemporary Art Week FIELD MEETING Take 6 presentation

  • Chaos, Love, and Enigmas
  • The First Collectors
  • Art

    The First Collectors

    20 January 2019Katrina Kufer

    As Asia Contemporary Art Week’s 'FIELD MEETING | Take 6: Thinking Collections' readies to take place, the role of the artist in relation to collecting is reconsidered through the practices of Alserkal Avenue and FIELD MEETING artists

  • Art

    A Force to Reckon With | Manal AlDowayan

    06 January 2019Fari Bradley

    Ahead of a major solo exhibition in Madrid, Saudi artist Manal AlDowayan discusses the shifting significance of her bold, exploratory work in an ever-evolving world

  • A Force to Reckon With | Manal AlDowayan
  • Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade [Part 2]
  • Art

    Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade [Part 2]

    02 January 2019Arsalan Mohammed

    In Part 2 of our series celebrating the first 10 years of Alserkal Avenue, we meet the founder of the Avenue himself, Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, and director Vilma Jurkute. Together, they reflect, discuss, and look ahead to the future of Alserkal Avenue

  • Avenue

    Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade [Part 1]

    30 December 2018Arsalan Mohammed

    Join us in a celebration of Alserkal Avenue’s first decade, as we meet just some of the people who have made the first 10 years of Alserkal a unique success story in Part 1 of a two-part edition of Conversations on the Avenue

  • Alserkal Avenue | The First Decade [Part 1]
  • The Loudest Silence
  • Art

    The Loudest Silence

    23 December 2018Anna Seaman

    Huda Lutfi’s exhibition 'Still' is an exploration of protest in silence. Through carefully executed works that simultaneously achieve balance and disquiet, she makes a forceful statement in her latest show at The Third Line Gallery

  • Art

    Waiting in the Antechamber

    17 December 2018Katrina Kufer

    Brazilian artist Ana Mazzei’s first solo exhibition at Green Art Gallery, 'Antechamber', explores history, scale, and notions of spectatorship through clusters of carved objects that oscillate between the sculptural and the pictorial

  • Waiting in the Antechamber
  • Endless Interconnectedness
  • Art

    Endless Interconnectedness

    16 December 2018Nick Leech

    Joana Escoval's delicate, almost imperceptible sculptures are charged with a unifying energy. Nick Leech explores the Portuguese artist's first solo at Grey Noise

  • Art

    A Modern History

    13 December 2018Katrina Kufer

    Nancy Lorenz’s exhibition 'Silver Moon' at Leila Heller Gallery presents a complex craft-meets-contemporary body of work that references Japanese tradition and Abstract Expressionism

  • A Modern History
  • It Can't Be Kind
  • Art

    It Can't Be Kind

    12 December 2018Danna Lorch

    'Impossible Ordinary', Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s third solo show at Lawrie Shabibi, is anything but unbending. Danna Lorch reviews a layered presentation that requires cautious exploration

  • Art

    If These Palms Could Speak

    09 December 2018Katrina Kufer

    Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde’s exhibition 'When The Dates Turn Red' by its newest artist, Hoda Tawakol, explores the depths of memory, identity and volume through a simple palm tree motif

  • If These Palms Could Speak
  • An Alien Request
  • Art

    An Alien Request

    06 December 2018Katherine Volk

    Exhibition number 65 at Carbon 12 is a milestone for both the gallery and for Anahita Razmi, whose show, 'Take Me to Your Leader', is her third solo at the space

  • Art

    Curated Art Trail | Beginning Again

    05 December 2018Laura Egerton

    Consider the fundamental elements of art by recreating Laura Egerton's trail around the November exhibitions at Alserkal Avenue's contemporary galleries

  • Curated Art Trail | Beginning Again
  • Remain in Light
  • Art

    Remain in Light

    04 December 2018Nick Leech

    Presented by The Third Line, 'Safina' is the final chapter of Ala Ebtekar’s solo exhibitions trilogy

  • Art

    Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future

    26 November 2018Rania Habib

    Is adaptation necessary for survival? 'Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future' explored the idea that Darwin’s theory of evolution can serve as a metaphor for a future-facing strategy for survival and growth. In this interview, curator Dr Cliff Lauson and artist Youmna Chlala delve into the heart of a thought-provoking exhibition that examines what our world might look and feel like in the future

  • Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future
  • Rising Above the Rubble
  • Art

    Rising Above the Rubble

    26 November 2018Danna Lorch

    Thaier Helal’s layered abstract paintings mourn the wreckage in Syria, but also hint at hope for new beginnings

  • Rising Above the Rubble
  • Art

    Revisiting the Monochrome

    26 November 2018Katrina Kufer

    The latest exhibition at Jean-Paul Najar Foundation outlines how looking to the past allows us to understand that history is not as far off as it seems

  • Revisiting the Monochrome
  • A Rounded Perspective
  • Art

    A Rounded Perspective

    21 November 2018Anna Seaman

    Fernando Botero’s first exhibition in the region takes a sweep back through his career, yet highlights only his still life work. Perhaps surprisingly, by removing the figures, his masterful style is emphasised even more

  • Avenue

    A Letter to Cinemagoers

    12 November 2018Nour El Safoury

    As Cinema Akil settles into its flagship home at Alserkal Avenue, film writer Nour El Safoury explores the social dynamics that transpire through the space around the cinema screen

  • A Letter to Cinemagoers
  • A Curatorial Conversation
  • Art

    A Curatorial Conversation

    12 November 2018Anna Seaman

    As Abu Dhabi Art turns 10, the fair brings together renowned regional and international curators to explore diverse narratives

  • Art

    Future Legends

    08 November 2018Arsalan Mohammed

    In this special edition of Conversations on the Avenue, we meet 'Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future' curator Dr Cliff Lauson who walks us through this compelling collection of multimedia works, allowing us to absorb the ideas behind them and provide the basis for our own responses and reactions to the art

  • Future Legends
  • Freshly Brewed
  • Avenue

    Freshly Brewed

    04 November 2018Liv Brent

    Pop in to Nightjar Coffee Roasters to smell freshly roasted beans, sip on your favourite batch brew, or graze on a Dibba Bay oyster butty

  • Art

    A Place for Reflection

    02 November 2018Shalaka Paradkar

    East meets West in SVENM's contemporary reflection on the majlis - one of the highlights of Dubai Design Week at Alserkal Avenue

  • A Place for Reflection
  • The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets to Tell You
  • Art

    The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets to Tell You

    25 October 2018Katrina Kufer

    Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian’s current exhibition at The Third Line revisits her iconic mirror technique, but introduces a new twist that shows reinvention never tires

  • Art

    The Art of Respect

    21 October 2018Katrina Kufer

    Self-taught artist Nima Nabavi’s first solo exhibition at The Third Line, '1,2,3', explores artistic interpretations of geometry through meticulous minutiae and quantum physics - with a hip-hop edge

  • The Art of Respect
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Art

    Stranger Than Fiction

    18 October 2018Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

    Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler’s 'The Scar', currently showing at Delfina Foundation, stretches the conventions of cinema to tell a fictional story inspired by true events

  • Art

    The Human Touch

    16 October 2018Laura Egerton

    Our September curated trail of new exhibitions explored the role of the artists, and how personal narratives are embedded in the works that they produce.

  • The Human Touch
  • Crank It Up
  • Avenue

    Crank It Up

    11 October 2018Danae Mercer

    Alserkal Avenue has just opened its very first fitness studio, bringing a mix of spinning, strength and stretching to the Avenue. Crank spin instructor Danae Mercer gets off her bike long enough to chat with the founders about bringing their vision to life

  • Crank It Up
  • The Act of Omission
  • Art

    The Act of Omission

    08 October 2018Katrina Kufer

    Green Art Gallery’s group exhibition 'Remnants' explores strategies of exclusion through geopolitical, economic, social, historical and aesthetic interpretations, and questions whether it’s a matter of awareness, or the motivations, that leave remains behind

  • Art

    Inner Dimensions

    02 October 2018Nick Leech

    Presented by 1X1 gallery, 'id – od and other dimensions…' is Mumbai-based artist Sunil Gawde’s first major solo exhibition in the UAE

  • Inner Dimensions
  • Art

    A Neighbourly Wall

    30 September 2018Anna Seaman

    One of the UAE’s leading conceptual artists, Mohammed Kazem delves back into the medium of paint for an exhibition which weaves together the story of a city

  • A Neighbourly Wall
  • Ali Banisadr: Quiet Storms
  • Art

    Ali Banisadr: Quiet Storms

    28 September 2018Arsalan Mohammed

    Arsalan Mohammed speaks with Tehran-born, New York-based artist Ali Banisadr ahead of his first solo exhibition in Germany, 'The World Upside Down', at Blain Southern in Berlin

  • Art

    The Control of Form

    24 September 2018Anna Seaman

    Shaikha Al Mazrou entertains her ongoing fascination with physical form and explores the boundaries of sculpture in her debut solo show at Lawrie Shabibi

  • The Control of Form
  • Art

    The Light Fantastic

    19 September 2018Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

    Rana Begum blurs artistic and architectural boundaries in 'Space Light Colour', a meditative show at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

  • The Light Fantastic
  • Between truth and fiction: Writing a Memoir
  • Avenue

    Between truth and fiction: Writing a Memoir

    03 September 2018Allison K Williams

    Allison K. Williams shares her insights for writers looking to start that their first memoir, including what it means to be authentic when dealing with depictions of events.

  • The Effect of Revisited Time
  • Art

    The Effect of Revisited Time

    20 August 2018Katrina Kufer

    Stéphanie Saadé’s 2016-18 installation 'Building A Home with Time' allows viewers to physically enter an autobiographical-historical work that blends memory and conflict into blurred narratives and golden memories.

  • The Effect of Revisited Time
  • Art

    The Three Wise Men

    15 August 2018Arsalan Mohammad

    Come into the surreal world of Rokni Haerizadeh, Ramin Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian as they stage a kaleidoscopic show in Turin.

  • The Three Wise Men
  • Art

    Hands, Spells and Papers

    02 August 2018Anna Wallace-Thompson

    Brazilian artist Ana Mazzei parses diverse and disparate themes into her work in order to create immersive architectural installations that bring together drawings, sculptures and performance, in which the relationship between the work and the viewer is just as important as the various concepts of myth and history that are investigated within it.

  • Hands, Spells and Papers
  • The Future State
  • Art

    The Future State

    23 July 2018Katrina Kufer

    Anahita Razmi discusses her new experimental work-in-progress, The Future State, developed at the 2018 Goethe at LUX Residency in London

  • Lecture: We Have Never Been Urban
  • Avenue

    Lecture: We Have Never Been Urban

    18 July 2018Alserkal Avenue

    As part of the Alserkal Residency 2018 summer programme, residents Hamed Bukhamseen + Ali Ismail Karimi (Civil Architecture) presented a lecture and talk with urbanist Pierre Bélanger and geographer Ahmad Makia discussing the ecological, social, and political landscape of the Middle East.

  • Lecture: We Have Never Been Urban
  • Radical Empiricism: Philip Taaffe
  • Art

    Radical Empiricism: Philip Taaffe

    16 July 2018Alexandra Chaves

    Using a combination of processes including silkscreen, collage, linocut, and woodblocks, Philip Taaffe creates vibrant large-scale works that reference multiple cultures and traditional techniques. His current exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery Dubai is his first the Middle East. The show comprises recent pieces, including layered paintings that have been assembled using various forms and materials. On view until 31 August.

  • Fractured fantasies: Nicky Nodjoumi
  • Art

    Fractured fantasies: Nicky Nodjoumi

    03 July 2018Arsalan Mohammad

    Legendary artist Nicky Nodjoumi's new solo show at The Third Line burns with satire and surrealism. In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, we speak to the exhibition's curator, Media Farzin, and the artist himself.

  • Fractured fantasies: Nicky Nodjoumi
  • Art

    Kenny Scharf: Obsessions and Expressions

    23 June 2018Alexandra Chaves

    Known for his colourful expressionist works, Kenny Scharf tackles issues of ecology and pollution in 'Inner and Outer Space', on view at Leila Heller Gallery.

  • Kenny Scharf: Obsessions and Expressions
  • Shakespeare, Shelley and Cyberspace
  • Art

    Shakespeare, Shelley and Cyberspace

    13 June 2018Anna Seaman

    The tangled web of internet dating and how it has led us almost to the point where love and relationships are another commodity in our capitalist world, is key to the understanding of Monika Grabuschnigg’s current exhibition at Carbon 12.

  • Shakespeare, Shelley and Cyberspace
  • Art

    Curated trail: Materials matter

    04 June 2018Laura Egerton

    Developed by art writer Laura Egerton, this curated trail encourages visitors to consider their physical relationship with a work of art and allow the work to speak for itself.

  • Curated trail: Materials matter
  • Art

    Urban Utopia

    27 May 2018Katrina Kufer

    Iranian artist Nargess Hashemi’s 'I will build a tall city interconnected by cul-de-sacs' (12 May-26 July) at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde provides imagined urban landscapes through abstract patterning that lends itself to myriad interpretations, observes Katrina Kufer

  • Urban Utopia
  • Living under the net
  • Art

    Living under the net

    21 May 2018Alexandra Chaves

    Hale Tenger's 'Under' asks us what beliefs we accept without question and what our potential could be without such self-imposed restrictions.

  • Living under the net
  • Art

    A broken era

    16 May 2018Anna Seaman

    'Fractures' depicts the unstable socio-political narratives of our lives, at times through humour and at times, through hard-hitting and unavoidable messages. Nicky Nodjoumi is interested in the politics of power as is seen through the powerful paintings in his first UAE exhibition in eight years.

  • A broken era
  • A Grey Area
  • Art

    A Grey Area

    10 May 2018Arsalan Mohamed

    A revealing and candid discussion with Grey Noise's Umer Butt on 'Loser's Club', an ongoing research project that subverts the idea of an exhibition and gallery space.

  • A Grey Area
  • Video Documentation: 'Under'
  • Art

    Video Documentation: 'Under'

    09 May 2018Ali Erdemci

    'Under', a public intervention by Hale Tenger, is an immersive space that looks at systems of control.

  • Video Documentation: 'Under'
  • Art

    Growing Minds

    06 May 2018Katrina Kufer

    As the UAE art scene begins to welcome big-name institutions, local arts education initiatives for all ages, but particularly youths, have maintained a slow roll, supported by smaller entities keen on reinforcing the value of culture

  • Growing Minds
  • Adapting to the times: Green Art Gallery
  • Art

    Adapting to the times: Green Art Gallery

    01 May 2018Katrina Kufer

    Active for nearly four decades in the Middle East, Green Art Gallery has nuanced its format befitting the rapid growth of the art scene, developing a strategy that pursues presence on international platforms

  • Art

    Conversations at Art Dubai 2018

    12 April 2018Arsalan Mohamed

    In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, we head to Art Dubai to speak to gallerists, artists, and writers about the fair.

  • Conversations at Art Dubai 2018
  • Majlis Talk: Simulations and the Sea
  • Art

    Majlis Talk: Simulations and the Sea

    05 April 2018Alserkal Avenue

    Artist and architect Vishal K. Dar and Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty in conversation with Sabih Ahmed about 'Reclamation Ground'

  • Majlis Talk: Simulations and the Sea
  • Art

    Ishara: Signs, Symbols & Shared Languages

    03 April 2018Alserkal Avenue

    Held in partnership with UAE Unlimited, the exhibition featured works by 10 UAE-based artists and visual poetry by guest artists Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian

  • Ishara: Signs, Symbols & Shared Languages
  • Fair Points: Jagdip Jagpal
  • Art

    Fair Points: Jagdip Jagpal

    26 March 2018Arsalan Mohamed

    Conversations on the Avenue meets Jagdip Jagpal, the new director of the India Art Fair to reflect on her first edition as boss this February – and her comprehensive plans for the future.

  • Fair Points: Jagdip Jagpal
  • Art

    Q&A: Hale Tenger and Mari Spirito

    20 March 2018Alexandra Chaves

    'Under' is Hale Tenger's first major commission in almost a decade. Here, we speak to the artist and guest curator about the work, which on view in The Yard until 31 May

  • Q&A: Hale Tenger and Mari Spirito
  • Searching for significance
  • Art

    Searching for significance

    18 March 2018Anna Seaman

    In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, Anna Seaman speaks to Abbas Akhavan about his practice and upcoming show

  • Searching for significance
  • Jene Highstein: Space and Place
  • Art

    Jene Highstein: Space and Place

    16 March 2018Anna Seaman

    Although not a household name, Jene Highstein’s work was instrumental in the development of minimal and post-minimal artistic practice in America in the 1970s and 1980s. He was also a close friend of Jean-Paul Najar, who greatly admired his work. Several of his key pieces are on show in the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation’s most recent exhibition.

  • Wearable artistry: Art & Jewelry
  • Art

    Wearable artistry: Art & Jewelry

    15 March 2018Anna Seaman

    They may be small but they are still magnificent and, in some cases, very valuable. Art & Jewelry is a new exhibition at Custot Gallery that brings together some of the biggest names in Western art with more contemporary ones from our region. Whilst styles and influences are widely varied, they are all aligned by size.

  • Haleh Redjaian: Inhabiting the Grid
  • Art

    Haleh Redjaian: Inhabiting the Grid

    14 March 2018Nick Leech

    Using a series of compositions that feature delicate, hand-rendered geometries, Haleh Redjaian’s second solo show at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde sees the artist venture off-grid to explore the inner spaces of her daydreams, charting the contours of her memories and the traces these create.

  • Haleh Redjaian: Inhabiting the Grid
  • Art

    Laura El-Tantawy: Beyond Here is Nothing

    13 March 2018Nick Leech

    The British-Egyptian photographer’s latest project deals with the psychological and emotional cost of living between cultures and countries and the feelings of tension, dislocation and loneliness this engenders.

  • Laura El-Tantawy: Beyond Here is Nothing
  • Colour by Numbers
  • Art

    Colour by Numbers

    10 March 2018Katrina Kufer

    From 19 March-31 August, Leila Heller Gallery is exhibiting dual solo shows featuring seminal American artists Kenny Scharf and Philip Taaffe’s vibrant takes on myriad themes from the petroleum industry to microscopic images of Viking artefacts

  • Art

    Zak Ové: Star Liner

    07 March 2018Anna Wallace-Thompson

    With his bright and colourful practice spanning across different media, British-Trinidadian artist Zak Ové’s work investigates complex issues of time travel and space, migration and belonging, by recasting new histories and identities within an increasingly changing and ever-globalised existence

  • Zak Ové: Star Liner
  • The Fire Starter
  • Art

    The Fire Starter

    06 March 2018Katrina Kufer

    Jean Boghossian’s first solo show at the Alserkal Avenue branch of Ayyam Gallery (19 March-12 May 2018) will see works from his Abstract Calligraphy series, embodying the Lebanese artist’s playful, if risky, multimedia pyro practice

  • The Fire Starter
  • Ala Younis: Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad
  • Art

    Ala Younis: Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad

    04 March 2018Anna Wallace-Thompson

    Running concurrently at two locations – Art Jameel at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue and the Delfina Foundation in London – Kuwaiti-born artist Ala Younis’s newest commission, Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad brings to the fore the women behind the city’s development, many who would otherwise have been relegated to the shadows of history

  • hyper/slow
  • Art


    23 February 2018Tairone Bastien & Jaret Vadera

    In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, Tairone Bastien speaks to artist Jaret Vadera about his project 'hyper/slow'

  • hyper/slow
  • Art

    First Expansion, Then Compression: The Practice of Michael Sailstorfer

    10 February 2018Katrina Kufer

    German artist Michael Sailstorfer’s site-specific, multisensory works challenge the sculptural medium, exploring how it can expand beyond its physical and theoretical boundaries, from his earliest works through to his exhibition We love them all at Carbon 12 (20 January-4 March 2018)

  • First Expansion, Then Compression: The Practice of Michael Sailstorfer
  • 100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue
  • Avenue

    100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue

    15 January 2018Sonia Brewin

    Heritage cars, bespoke jewellery, modernist furniture, kimonos: Take a journey through a dizzying 100 years of design at Alserkal Avenue.

  • 100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue
  • Art

    A conversation with André Butzer

    08 January 2018Carbon 12 Gallery

    Carbon12 gallery founders Kourosh Nouri and Nadine Knotzer share their discussion with artist André Butzer about his current exhibition

  • A conversation with André Butzer
  • Performance

    Chillin’ in The Fridge

    28 December 2017Arsalan Mohammad

    Meet the bands, musicians and audiences at The Fridge, the hub of the new wave of homegrown music that’s booming in Dubai

  • Chillin’ in The Fridge
  • Finding presence in absence
  • Art

    Finding presence in absence

    20 December 2017Anna Seaman

    Tarek Al Ghoussein’s latest exhibition is the result of a two-and-a-half-year obsession with an abandoned housing estate in Kuwait. The images are haunting in their emptiness but compelling and full of life.

  • Finding presence in absence
  • The art of worldbuilding
  • Art

    The art of worldbuilding

    11 December 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Known for his use of rice paper and bamboo, Jacob Hashimoto's current exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery explores abstracted landscape.

  • Threading a link between past and present
  • Art

    Threading a link between past and present

    08 December 2017Anna Seaman

    In our latest Conversations on the Avenue episode, we speak to Uns Kattan and Lana Shamma of Art Jameel about the current research studio and their new centre, which opens in 2018.

  • From India to the World
  • Art

    From India to the World

    27 November 2017Laura Egerton

    1X1 Gallery founder Malini Gulrajani talks about her focus on Indian Art and its place in the Dubai art market.

  • From India to the World
  • Re-examining the role of the museum in society
  • Art

    Re-examining the role of the museum in society

    26 November 2017Sarah Bahgat, Rachel Dedman, Asmaa Elmongi

    This year's CiMAM Annual Conference brought together museum professionals from around the world to re-evaluate the public functions of museums.

  • Re-examining the role of the museum in society
  • Avenue

    The invisible stories of Dubai's architecture

    10 November 2017Alexandra Chaves

    As Arch.Season '17 begins, Sonia Brewin of SVENM talks about the need for an Architectural Biennale in Dubai and shares her list of architecture- and design-related events to catch in November.

  • The invisible stories of Dubai's architecture
  • Art

    Inside Abu Dhabi Art

    07 November 2017Anna Seaman

    As the doors open on the ninth edition of Abu Dhabi Art, we round up a few of the highlights.

  • Inside Abu Dhabi Art
  • While We Wait at Concrete
  • Art

    While We Wait at Concrete

    26 October 2017V&A | Concrete

    The meditative and immersive installation by AAU Anastas opens on 6 November in Concrete

  • Faces from Two Worlds
  • Art

    Faces from Two Worlds

    25 October 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Kourosh Nouri of Carbon 12 brings together two divergent styles at the gallery’s latest exhibition of contemporary portraiture.

  • Faces from Two Worlds
  • Art

    Rediscovering the past

    20 October 2017Laura Egerton

    The exhibition of Massoud Arabshahi's early works at Lawrie Shabibi is an excellent example of why it is just as important to rediscover art of the recent past as it is to commission something new.

  • Rediscovering the past
  • The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body
  • Art

    The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body

    16 October 2017Saira Ansari

    The Theatre of the Absurd exhibition at Green Art Gallery features a group show of five women artists who explore the collision of human existence and the built world, manifesting itself in the relationship between art and architecture.

  • The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body
  • Healing The Divide
  • Art

    Healing The Divide

    12 October 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Beirut multimedia artist Zena El Khalil’s new show in a former sniper’s bunker explores the city’s turbulent past to find harmony, peace and resolution.

  • Of lightness and weight: Sand
  • Art

    Of lightness and weight: Sand

    08 October 2017Anna Seaman

    The works of Daniel Gustav Cramer & Joana Escoval are combined in Sand. Minimal, delicate and challenging at times, the exhibition is now on at Grey Noise.

  • Of lightness and weight: Sand
  • Naked Diplomacy: Tom Fletcher
  • Avenue

    Naked Diplomacy: Tom Fletcher

    01 October 2017Tom Fletcher

    In this talk, Tom Fletcher, the youngest senior British ambassador in 200 years and author of the book 'The Naked Diplomat: Understanding Power and Politics in the Digital Age', discusses diplomacy, technology, improving security, and how to thrive in the 21st century.

  • Avenue

    When the digital world enters the art world

    28 September 2017101 Talk

    Technology is shaking up the art world and everyone in it. In 101 Talk: Art in BITS, Shohidul Ahad-Choudhury and Peter Goodwin discuss how we can navigate this change.

  • When the digital world enters the art world
  • He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri
  • Art

    He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri

    25 September 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Tunisian artist Thameur Mejri’s colourful paintings and collages expose the darker side of our nature. Heretic Spaces is now on show at the Elmarsa Gallery.

  • He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri
  • Art

    Crossing the Lines: Pouran Jinchi

    19 September 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Meet Pouran Jinchi, whose current show at The Third Line melds utilitarian military symbolism with graceful lines and forms in a vivid confluence of signs, symbols and art.

  • Crossing the Lines: Pouran Jinchi
  • Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.
  • Art

    Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.

    07 September 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Arsalan Mohamed talks to Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Assistant Curator at Tate Modern and member of the Alserkal Residency Selection Committee, about the UK's first retrospective of Fahrelnissa Zeid — on show at the Tate Modern until 8 October 2017.

  • Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.
  • Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh: Love for the Written Word
  • Avenue

    Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh: Love for the Written Word

    05 September 2017Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh

    In 'Love for written and spoken word and the importance of translation', Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh talks about how the UAE's cultural scene came to be. He shares stories from his life in Abu Dhabi in the late 1960s and his work as an interpreter for the UAE government.

  • Avenue

    The Art of Publishing

    19 August 2017Andrew Hansen

    What's the secret to a successful book? In this talk, titled 'My Life on the Coffee Table', Prestel Publishing Managing Director Andrew Hansen talks about his career in the publishing world and shares a few secrets from the industry.

  • The Art of Publishing
  • Present by Cheb Moha
  • Digital Commission

    Present by Cheb Moha

    08 August 2017Cheb Moha

    Folio Digital Commissions is a series of web-based artist projects that live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In this work, the artist Cheb Moha comments on how the Internet has changed the expectations of our daily routine.

  • Art

    Understanding cultural hybridity

    23 July 2017Anna Seaman

    “You have an entire generation of people who are growing up thinking of themselves as not being tethered or anchored to one particular place and thinking of themselves as global in their citizenry.” - Anna Seaman talks to Dexter Wimberley about cultural hybridity and his show at The Third Line — "A Fast, Moving Sky".

  • Understanding cultural hybridity
  • MEDIAA PUNCHH!! by Chndy
  • Digital Commission

    MEDIAA PUNCHH!! by Chndy

    17 July 2017Chndy

    Folio Digital Commissions is a series of web-based artist projects that live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In this work, the artist Chndy expresses his view of the unending stream of information that is pushed to consumers.

  • Art

    The Power of Culture

    19 June 2017Alserkal Avenue

    A speaker on Expo 2020's sustainability panel held in April 2017, Majid Al Qassimi talks about sustainable initiatives and the powerful impact that cultural communities can have on shaping society.

  • The Power of Culture
  • Moving Mountains
  • Art

    Moving Mountains

    06 June 2017Reshma Mehra with Anna Wallace-Thompson

    For the 2017 Venice Biennale, Moataz Nasr has transformed the Egyptian Pavilion into a multi-sensory, immersive experience with his new video work, ‘The Mountain’. Folio talks to him about the experience of putting together one of his most ambitious projects to date, the importance of conquering fear, and what he hopes ‘The Mountain’ will achieve.

  • Art

    A contemporary take on the Archaic

    01 June 2017Alserkal Avenue

    The Iraq Pavilion exhibition at the 57th Venice Biennale, named 'Archaic', speaks to the rich cultural heritage of Iraq, that has endured a tumultuous socio-political past. We had a chance to sit down with author Tamara Chalabi, who is also the curator for the Iraq Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale to get some insight into how each work complements the overarching message of the exhibition.

  • A contemporary take on the Archaic
  • Foodie 101
  • Daily Bread

    Foodie 101

    30 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Founder of HAPI, Paul Frangie, discloses all of his top tips about healthy living, and tells us about the process he went through in order to create a concept dedicated to eating clean and keeping it fresh.

  • Art

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    21 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play’ is the theme of this year's National Pavilion UAE exhibition at the Venice Biennale. We spoke to the curator, Hammad Nasar and one of the artists, Vikram Divecha to find out what being on an international platform means for the development of UAE art and culture.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Music for the soul
  • Avenue

    Music for the soul

    21 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    We sat down with Shadi Megallaa - music-lover, Dj and founder of The Flipside; one of the first vinyl stores to exist in the UAE. Having lived around the world, Shadi talks to us about experiences in his life that have made him who he is today, and gives us a taste of the music that makes him tick.

  • News

    Alserkal Avenue announces annual internship position for a UAE-based student

    13 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    On Friday, May 12, 2017, we hosted a breakfast at The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, where we announced Abdelmonem Alserkal's and Alserkal Programming's support of an annual internship position for a UAE-based student or young professional over a six-year period. Thank you to everyone who could be part of this.

  • Alserkal Avenue announces annual internship position for a UAE-based student
  • Game On
  • Art

    Game On

    10 May 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    As Christine Macel’s quirky 2017 Venice Biennale comes to life, we talk to Hammad Nasar, the curator of the National Pavilion UAE about states of play in the Emirates, and how the pavilion fits under the wider umbrella of Macel’s invigorating theme: VIVA ARTE VIVA.

  • Atelier

    The Happy Studio

    08 May 2017George Anastasiades

    We sat down with the woman once dubbed by The National as “The Queen of Happiness" to find out what drove someone, who worked in social development for the government, towards taking the leap of faith and becoming the ambassador of happiness.

  • The Happy Studio
  • Reincarnations of Tutankhamun
  • Art

    Reincarnations of Tutankhamun

    04 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Known for their particular expertise in scanning and digital technologies, Factum Arte's work has ranged from the replication of Tutankhamun’s tomb to producing complex works for contemporary artists, such as Rachid Koraichi, Anish Kapoor and Marc Quinn. Listen to a talk given by Director of Factum Arte, Adam Lowe, that explores the ways in which new technologies are being used in both architectural conservation and contemporary art.

  • Reincarnations of Tutankhamun
  • Art


    04 May 2017The Third Line

    Artist Sophia Al-Maria presents to us a symbol of the apocalyptic act of consumption through her EVERYTHING MUST GO exhibition. Listen to her story, in a laid-back conversation with artist liaison, Sybel Vazquez - and get a comprehensive video tour of Sophia's post-apocalyptic dystopia.

  • The Boutique Design Space With Mass Appeal : Svenm
  • Atelier

    The Boutique Design Space With Mass Appeal : Svenm

    03 May 2017Sonia Brewin

    Who are SVENM and what are they about? In a bitesized interview, co-founder Sonia Brewin gives us insight into the growth of the boutique architectural and design firm, its current exhibition named 'Everyday Masterpieces: The Art of Buildings' and its involvement as part of the organising committee for the Architectural Biennale.

  • Art

    Syria: Into The Light

    03 May 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    The 'Syria: Into The Light' exhibition marked the inauguration of Concrete, a multipurpose space in the Avenue, and the first OMA-completed space in the UAE. As the evening of the 9th approached, the doors of Concrete opened for the first time and in flowed our community, art enthusiasts and press, exploring both the building and the outstanding Syrian artworks.

  • Syria: Into The Light
  • Art Week At Alserkal Avenue | 10-18 March 2017
  • Art

    Art Week At Alserkal Avenue | 10-18 March 2017

    03 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    This year’s Art Week at Alserkal Avenue welcomed over 25,000 visitors from around the world and hosted 114 events, 27 exhibitions, 6 pop-up projects and 19 majlis talks.

  • Salvation
  • Art


    02 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Artist and sculptor Sara Rahbar sits down with Miriam Lloyd Evans, Curator at the British Museum, to discuss the false sense of patriotism, and current issues that were the inspiration for Rahbar's solo show 'Salvation' at Carbon 12.

  • Salvation
  • Art

    Dancing Girls

    01 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Curator for the National Pavillion UAE, Hammad Nasar and Artist Hind Mezaina discuss play in art and popular culture through the lens of her practice. Listen to the whole conversation recorded as a podcast, and watch her culturally significant video artwork that she refers to throughout the discussion.

  • Dancing Girls
  • Satellites by Hiba Ali
  • Digital Commission

    Satellites by Hiba Ali

    01 May 2017Hiba Ali

    Folio Digital Commission is a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. Through GIF’s, Hiba Ali's 'Satellites' digital collage examines remote sensing through an artistic lens.

  • Art

    Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble

    01 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Hera Büyüktaşçıyan is a storyteller who processes extensive research on historical and cultural narrative scopes. Listen to the podcast as she speaks about her research on historic and iconographic elements of different geographies. Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble runs through till 6 May 2017 at Green Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue.

  • Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble
  • Ring of Fire
  • Art

    Ring of Fire

    30 April 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    Moroccan artist Mounir Fatmi’s work fearlessly tackles uncomfortable subjects. He probes our innermost fears, taking on religious dogmas, our culture of endless consumption, and the relentless, unavoidable habit of history repeating itself time and again.

  • Ring of Fire
  • Art

    UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

    29 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    The National Pavilion UAE has announced the artworks for the 2017 exhibition at the Venice Biennale, as well as commissions included in the accompanying publication and wider projects taking place with cultural institutions in the UAE and internationally.

  • UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
  • Change Your Life
  • Art

    Change Your Life

    27 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Change Your Life critiques a fashionable practice of performative masculinity (i.e. working out) and places it as a contemporary motif of religiosity. Listen to the conversation between artist Raja'a Khalid and artist Lantian Xie as they explore the blurring between the potentially aesthetic, ascetic and athletic demands of contemporary life in the Gulf.

  • Change Your Life
  • Majlis Talk with Alia Ali
  • Art

    Majlis Talk with Alia Ali

    16 April 2017Alia Ali

    In this Majlis Talk, Alia Ali talks us through her journey towards creating “BORDERLAND”, a series of portraits that question the barriers which divide and unite us, all at once. In this conversation, Alia gives background on where the idea for this work came from, the subjects she worked with and the significance of fabric being used as a borderline between the anonymous “-clude" and the viewer.

  • Art

    Ways of Seeing

    11 April 2017Katrina Kufer

    Palestinian artist Samia Halaby's approach to painting reveals her precise complex process, astute peripheral sensibilities, and why abstraction is the only movement left unexploited.

  • Ways of Seeing
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Art

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    10 April 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    One year on, Custot Gallery shows no signs of slowing down as founder Stephane Custot looks forward to the endless possibilities available in the gallery’s vast, Dubai-based space.

  • Art

    Art Dubai's New Vision

    04 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Uzma Rizvi caught up with Myrna Ayad, the new director at Art Dubai. During this in-depth discussion, Uzma finds out what drives Myrna's vision for Dubai's art scene, along with the fruition of new concepts, developments and events including the Art Dubai Modern Symposium.

  • Art Dubai's New Vision
  • The Tree of Life
  • Art

    The Tree of Life

    20 February 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    A visionary and globally recognised artist, Hassan Sharif will always be remembered for his progressive ideals within the art world. In reflection of his life, there is great respect for the manner in which he paved the way for arts and culture in the Middle East.

  • Digital Commission

    Hello by Walid Al Wawi

    20 February 2017Walid Al Wawi

    Folio Digital Commission is a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In its first year, Alserkal Programming will commission several artists to create new works. This concept developed from a desire to work with and support, a new generation of artists who harness the language of social media and the Internet to explore the shifting nature of a post-Internet existence.

  • Hello by Walid Al Wawi
  • Art

    Kickin’ It In The Kingdom

    13 February 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    As it celebrates its fourth edition, 21,39 Jeddah Arts hits its stride, fostering cultural appreciation amongst local audiences, showcasing Saudi Arabian art to the world, and, most importantly, placing the artist firmly at the centre of it all.

  • Kickin’ It In The Kingdom
  • The Anthropocene
  • Art

    The Anthropocene

    12 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    This exhibition brings together several photographic series that Richard Allenby-Pratt has created during his 16 years’ exploration of the UAE. Listen in as he talks more about the theory behind his works.

  • Art

    The Life of an Artist

    09 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Is artistic skill enough to make an artist successful? Dubai-based artist eL Seed talks about becoming 'successful'; the courage to be outspoken; finding the inspiration to create new series of works and the sacrifices, choices and challenges that he has faced as an artist.

  • The Life of an Artist
  • A Feeling in Perspective
  • Art

    A Feeling in Perspective

    08 February 2017Reshma Mehra

    We sit down with artist Raed Yassin, to hear about the roots of inspiration for his 'A Feeling in Perspective' exhibition at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde.

  • Daily Bread

    What Lies Behind the Giant Cactus

    03 February 2017Reshma Mehra

    Patrick and Kenza Jarjour's inspired culinary concept, INKED, offers a chance to bring your imagination to life.

  • What Lies Behind the Giant Cactus
  • Understanding 'Different Air'
  • Art

    Understanding 'Different Air'

    02 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Karim Sultan speaks to Tairone Bastien about the meaning and inspiration behind the first iteration of 'Different Air', a performance work commissioned by Alserkal Programming. Have a watch, and understand the truths that lie beneath the intriguing concept of playing live music in a chamber decreasing in oxygen.

  • Understanding 'Different Air'
  • A Designer's Dream
  • Atelier

    A Designer's Dream

    01 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Watch this inspiring video created during Assembly, a celebration of design and making that was held in Alserkal Avenue from 23 - 29 October 2016. The week of exhibitions and programmes put the spotlight on the designers and makers behind the best in design from all over the world. Get a quick insight into some of the truly ingenious works displayed over the course of the week and meet the individuals involved in the making of Assembly.

  • Wheels of Wonder
  • Atelier

    Wheels of Wonder

    01 February 2017George Anastasiades

    Mazin Alkhatib’s passion project, Nostalgia Classic Cars throws light on the beauty of vintage automobiles. For some, cars are just a mechanical structure that take you from point A to point B, but Mazin sheds light on the beauty of these vehicles and how they are much more than just a means of transport.

  • Wheels of Wonder
  • 'Different Air'
  • Art

    'Different Air'

    01 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Watch the first iteration of 'Different Air' by Karim Sultan, performed in an oxygen controlled chamber. Commissioned by Alserkal Programming.

  • Performance

    Drama on the Avenue

    07 January 2017Rahel Aima

    Just over a year old, The Junction has already become a dramatic reflection of Dubai’s multicultural scene. Despite drawbacks, Founder of the Junction - Gautam Goenka, has managed to break through all adversities and plant the seeds of growth for the drama scene in Dubai.

  • Drama on the Avenue
  • Here Be Monsters
  • Daily Bread

    Here Be Monsters

    28 December 2016Rahel Aima

    Mirzam takes you on a chocolate-infused journey, from plantation to bean to bar. It’s hard not to think of Willy Wonka when you step into Mirzam, Dubai’s first artisanal chocolate factory. Instead of technicolour psychedelia and an army of orange oompa-loompas, however, you’ll find a sleekly industrial affair, all poured concrete, wireframe chairs and massive steel machines behind glass vitrines that allow you to see every step of the chocolate-making process.

  • Here Be Monsters
  • Art

    The New Non-Profit

    15 December 2016Anna Wallace-Thompson

    The Jean-Paul Najar Foundation is a private museum that champions what founder Deborah Najar describes as “entrepreneurial philanthropy”, an approach where bigger does not necessarily mean better, and the focus is on programming and a tight curatorial vision.

  • The New Non-Profit