Zaha Hadid

Leila Heller Gallery is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Zaha Hadid on January 18th, 2016. Zaha Hadid Design will exhibit from January 18th – February 29th.

The exhibition is an unprecedented mid-career survey of the design oeuvre of internationally renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid. Spanning the breath of Hadid’s realized projects in object related work, beginning in 2002, produced on the cusp of the architect’s emergence onto the global stage, ending with the 2015 Liquid Glacial Series of domestic furniture and her 2015 intimate structures of the Silene or Z-series Jewelry lines, which themselves literally transform the body of the subject into an architectural body. Her work evinces the emergence of a new spatial paradigm on all levels: from the impossibly grand to the domestic sublime.


Zaha Hadid

Liquid Glacial Table, 2013


L 102.4 x D63 x H29.5 in / L260 x D160 x L102.4 cm

Edition # P1

Photographed by Jacopo Spilimberg

Courtesy of David Gill Gallery, London and Leila Heller Gallery, Dubai