Workshop | Principles of Al Qatt Art

What's included:

Tamashee’s 1440 H collection is inspired by Al Qatt Art, an old artform that consists of geometric shapes which adorned the inner walls of homes in Asir, a southern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Asir’s unique geographical and social make-up have given birth to a rich culture that is full of life and color. This is evident in every aspect of its inhabitants’ lives ranging from architecture design and interior decorations to folklore and dances. Al-Qatt art was submitted and recognized on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity under UNESCO. Tamashee has implemented Al Qatt Art in its products in a contemporary manner in hopes of creating a new approach to keeping the artform alive, sustainable and relevant to a global scene as well as different age groups.


During the workshop:

Tamashee presents an encompassing summary of the original artform and its significance to the region of Asir.

  1. Short Screening – Documentary on Al Qatt Art
  2. Learn Al Qatt art basics, dyes, components, symbols
  3. Create your own Al Qatt art and practice drawing your ideas out

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