Workshop | Build Your Own Foldable Hammock Chair

“A hyperbolic paraboloid is an infinite surface in three dimensions with hyperbolic and parabolic cross-sections”

Inspiration for this chair derives from the natural & mathematical forms, hyperbole, and parabola, and their relationship. These complex yet simple forms radiate the beauty of hidden natural proportions.

HiPa chair is foldable, made of ready-made components, reusable items, easy to assemble & with exception of drilling holes for the seat it doesn’t require any other tools. Composed out of four wooden shovel sticks, 20m rope thickness 8mm, 80cm white plumbing hose, 2 ladder hinges and 2 “butterfly” screws for manual tension. It doesn’t contain any type of glue & it’s eco-friendly. Some of the components, such as knitting rope (made from a single piece of rope), can be even used in original form after the primary use of chair has ended.

Over the course of 3 hours, we will be assembling the chair, starting with the skeleton of a chair, connecting legs with hinges & butterfly screws to creating its primary shape. In the second part of the workshop, we’ll be knitting the seat & backrest in a continuous loop to create

We won’t be making a conventional chair, but an object that stimulates interaction with the user. With various seating postures, depending on the user’s position, “loose” structure of the seat made from knitted cord, will adapt to the shape of the human body.

Date | Saturday, April 27th
Time | 12-3pm
Price | AED350