Workshop | Alternative photography printing process

Tamashee x Ammar Al Attar present Alternative Photography Print Process workshop.

  1. Use alternative process chemicals and normal watercolor paper
  2. Learn the process behind alternative photography print
  3. Create your own photo using one of the older techniques of print photography

About the Artist: 

Ammar Al Attar is a photographer and mixed media artist. Born in 1981, he lives in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. Completely self-taught, Al Attar’s practice seeks to not only document and translate but also methodically research and examine aspects of Emirati ritual, material culture, and geographic orientation that are increasingly illusive in his rapidly globalizing society.  His work has been increasingly shown in solo and group exhibitions within the UAE and Gulf, has been recognized with an A.i.R residency and various prizes, and is held in prestigious public and private collections throughout the Middle East.

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