The Tolerance Project

  • VENUE: Zayed University Urban Satellite Space (ZUUSS), Warehouse 48
  • START: 10:00 AM
  • END: 07:00 PM
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Main Gallery

Featuring the work of 100 renowned graphic designers from around the world, “The Tolerance Project” is a travelling poster exhibition, that was created by New York-based graphic designer Mirco Ilic. The exhibition offers an opportunity to see beautifully designed posters addressing the concept of tolerance, by some of the world’s most well-known graphic illustrators.


Speaking about the exhibition Illic explains the role of the graphic designer in promoting tolerance:


“The initial idea of this exhibition was to invite well-known graphic designers to create posters based on their understanding of tolerance in their mother tongue. One of the conditions was that the exhibition is placed in public space, among the citizens, not in art galleries.


The purpose of the exhibition is not only displaying posters, but in gathering and approaching people. Artists are the ones who promote tolerance and peace, and facilitate the reconciliation process.”


The exhibition reinforces Zayed University’s commitment to providing its students, in particular and the community at large with opportunities to engage with some of the leading global names in the field of art and design.


This show not only provides our students with an exciting opportunity to see the work of world-famous designers, such as Milton Glaser from the USA and Japan’s Yuko Shimizu, but we also hope that the posters will initiate a positive dialogue with the viewers.


Project Space:

The project space features a selection of posters designed by students from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises inspired by the concept of tolerance.