The Flying Horses at 71 Structural Art

  • VENUE: 71 Structural Art (Warehouse 40)
  • START: 05:00 PM
  • END: 07:00 PM
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Discover "Flying Horses" an exhibition by the international sculptor and artist Antonio Signorini as he unveil his new collection of work inspired by the UAE's Heritage and ancient history.


Location | 71 Structural Art (Warehouse 40)

Date | 18 March

Time | 5-7PM




The Flying Horses” displays an impossible balance, disobeying gravity. The horses are

flying, like the light of the stars, coming from far away. Their origin is a mystery, as is their destination. They are captured soaring through the atmosphere, traversing from one world to another in their flight across space and time.

In gazing upon them we are forced to accept the unknown and lessen our grip on reality.

Therefore acquiring the ultimate bravery – accepting the unreality of reality.

These flying horses cannot be fully grasped, for they are a sensation rather than a physicality.

Evoking light as though they are born of it. Comets in the night sky. Hence, each piece is named after our brightest stars: SUN, CANOPUS, ALPHA CENTAURI, ARCTURUS.

This collection has been created as a journey that has no end, exploring the infinite

relationship between art and the essence of horses.