The Apartment

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La Galerie Nationale is committing again fully to design, in a desire to continue to empower and diffuse European Decorative Arts, show and sell collectibles, vintage furniture, one of kind objects from renowned designers such as Mathieu Matégot, Pierre Guariche, Marco Zanuso, Serge Mouille, Charlotte Perriand, Hans Wenger, Joseph-Andre Motte, Pierre Paulin. For the very first time, the gallery transforms itself in a permanent apartment concept, in which objects and furniture vary and change regularly. A European/French apartment, in which viewers wanders around iconic and rare finds.

The curatorial team for the exhibition consists of prominent experts and preservation advocates, including Chrystyna Salam and Guillaume Cuiry (owner of La Galerie Nationale), two XXth century Design international experts, dealers and collectors.

The exhibition features  numerous body of works by Jacques Nestlé (period from 1950 to 1965) and a large and carefully curated ensemble of ceramics from the 50’s and 60’s (by Roger Capron, Pol Chambost, Peter and Denise Orlando, Georges Jouve). Some of the biggest French Masters of Pottery during the golden age of Vallauris ceramic workshops.

The Apartment highlights the importance of our privates interiors as the spaces in which we conduct our daily lives and present the challenges in maintaining the integrity of these spaces in the face of uniformisation of taste due to social medias and mondialised offer in shops.