Talk | Interactive Documentary & Post-Colonial Historiographies

This talk by Dale Hudson, Associate Professor, Film and New Media Programme, NYU Abu Dhabi, and Digital Curator of Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival examines the capacity for interactive documentaries, loosely defined as non-fiction media that run on web or mobile platforms, to activate ‘invisible geographies’. Using digital technologies to locate unmarked and unmapped relationships, they allows users to recombine data into useful information. In part, they reject the viability of singular messages and advocate for contingency and comparison as a means of finding common cause, respect for difference, and empathy.

Explore projects such as The Green Book of South Carolina (2017), iNakba (2014), and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (2013) which reclaim histories, such as African American contributions often whitewashed from US history, the violent dispossession of Palestinians by European militia during the Nakba, and recent dispossession of immigrant communities through gentrification of the Silicon Valley. More than a fun gimmick, these projects allow for a more nuanced and accurate understanding of contemporary conflicts and misunderstanding.

Free and open to all, part of Alserkal’s Spring 2019 programme on Corrective Maintenance. Email to register. Check-out the full programme here:
Date | 20 April 2019

Time | 4PM

Location | Satellite (Warehouse 16)