Sleepless Constellations curated by Salima Hashmi

That the sleepless constellation of pain will now sink beneath the sight And the bright light will dawn to quell the restlessness of eyes. Faiz Ahmed Faiz In times such as ours, beset with pain encountered every moment, through images which follow us around as we go about our daily tasks, it is difficult to look at the cosmos and it's compelling infinities. The same cosmos invites one to 'cultivate courage in order to confront a world that is harsh, indigent and cold' to quote Bachelard. How does one become 'an inhabitant of the world, in spite of the world'?' The artist despairs as he or she strives to sift the minutiae of existence -to mold them into coherences which can comfort, protect, or inspire us enough to feel the limitless cosmos, with its sleepless constellations, which will guide us on our journeys from where the poetic image emerges. The image, with its boundless possibilities of befriending those without hope, flagging pathways to resistance and ensuring survival of the spirit. The works in Sleepless Constellations are by seven artists, who inhabit the imagination, securing spaces for rumination and perpetual questioning. They offer no answers, only flashes of solace. Each in his or her own way illuminates the infinite. It is a diverse group of mid career artists as well emergent young artists who display great promise and a profound sense of purpose. The works include paintings videos, ceramics, lenticular prints and sculptural installations.