Kathryn Wilson | Saturate

In this new collection of work, Kathryn Wilson experiments with oil, acrylic and spray painting techniques to create a visual celebration of light and colour in motion. Circular canvases with curved edges serve as a portal through which a stimulating experience is created for the viewer. Kathryn’s interest lies in the ever changing form of water; from mountainous swells that barrel across an open sea to the light permeating through the surface of a wadi pool. Visual references derived from the natural world are presented in impressionistic form with a rich and vibrant palette. The body of work conveys subtle messages of sustainability, well being, destruction and hope. Through the expressive handling of the medium a narrative is presented in a seemingly liquid form. The viewer is encouraged to contemplate a subject matter that plays a vital role in life itself.

An inventiveness with respect to format has taken precedence, questioning the way in which we view things, our experiences with materials and their connection with the subject. The work speaks in a language of abstraction and the paintings are learning to break free from their two dimensional constructs. References are made to the work of Turner and Kandinsky, particularly with regard to their interpreta- tions of the sea and movement. A fascination with colour and motion is the foun- dation for this body of work that is ever evolving.

Artist Bio:

Raised in the UAE, Kathryn Wilson trained in Fine Art at the University of Oxford 2001-2004 and now lives and works in Dubai as an artist. Her signature style experiments with oil, acrylic and spray painting techniques on canvas.

She regularly participates in group exhibitions and events across the city and is an associate member of Tashkeel Studio & Gallery. In recent years she has been commissioned to create bespoke Art for Capsule Arts, Brownbook, Brand Dubai & The Cultural office.