Alserkal Residency has selected Athens-based artist collective 3 137 to curate ‘Rhodiola’, the first commission under Alserkal Avenue’s not-for-profit Alserkal Residency. The programme-based commission borrows its title from the healing rhodiola rosea flower, and will launch on 18 March during Art Week in Alserkal Avenue. ‘Rhodiola’ will serve as an intervention in Nadi Al Quoz in The Yard, running for six weeks at variable tempos and taking inspiration from radio frequencies, coming to life across five “Waves”.


For six weeks, Rhodiola hosts temporary gatherings, a radio booth, an exhibition space, and screenings. It challenges ordinary perceptions of domestic life and public affairs, offering a place for moments of active pause. Visitors are encouraged to tune in to different ideas and concepts, and to co-exist with the space, the waves, the producers, the invited guests, and the audience.


Wave 1: AC/Scaffold

Staging your well-being: domesticity / infrastructure / support / urbanist / futurology / ruin / artificial / setting / programme / communication / transport / handle / zero carbon / haunt / process / decoration

Wave 2: Cookies

An invisible statistical map: comfort / biscuit / language / geography / immaterial / tube / high performance / queue / contract / start up / franchise / labour / convention / customer / demands

Wave 3: Dentist

For the making of the perfect Avatar: profit / cleaning / care / stereotypes / normal vs casual / duties / internship / coaching / rescue / post human / cabinet / mechanics / hucksterism / spectacular

Wave 4: Snooze

Be ready to be cured and listen to your personalised divination: oracle / cosmism / benefit / concentration / treatment / beautician / meditation / transit / school / degrowth / divination / preemptive / superheroes

Wave 5: Sunscreen

A casual service: tourism / dog walker / slow food / happiness / psychoanalysis / upbringing / trainer / online banking / service / state / customer / pen friend / love affair / handle / transmission

Rhodiola challenges ordinary perceptions of domestic life and public affairs, and offers a place for moments of active pause.


Artist line-up

With Rahel Aima, Bedouin in Furs, Apart Collective, Tom Clark, Anastasia Douka, Daphne Dragona, Madhursee Dutta, Heather Eade, Enterprise Projects, Gerard Holthuis, it’s a shirt, Karrabing Film Collective, Raja’a Khalid, Metasitu, Miss Dialectic, Basim Magdy, Nima Nabavi, Eduardo Navarro, Panos Papanagiotou, New Media Society, Filipa Ramos, Ben Russell, Riwaq, VASL Artists’ Association.
Project managers | Ahmad Makia and Natalia Mavridou.