Research Studio: Confluence

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Research Studio: Confluence features selected material from the Jameel Arts Centre Library and a curated bibliography by Omar Berrada - writer, curator, and director of Dar al-Ma’mûn.

“Sited on a body of water at a crucial intersection of cultures and histories, the Jameel Arts Centre, and in particular its Library, aims to be a place where confluences of minds and practices flow together into a constant rush of ideas and projects. As a prelude to the developing library collection, a bibliography of over 150 publications in English and Arabic is put together in consideration of the notion of confluence from a variety of vantage points. With a focus on the Middle East/North Africa region, it looks at how people travel, how cultures meet, how languages transform around border zones. It explores the many dimensions of textual and cultural translation, including the mutation of forms in the history of art. It dwells both on the function of port cities in a globalised economy and on the intimate meeting of souls that a published correspondence between artists allows us to witness. As the bibliographies included in many of these books make clear, the list is potentially endless. Take these titles as a subjective set of reference points for readers—but also for the institution itself—to turn to as they consider the dizzying possibilities and ethical challenges that come with inhabiting the restless flows of confluence.” – Omar Berrada

As a response to this curated bibliography by Omar Berrada, interdisciplinary artist Noush Anand and translator and critic Hafsa Hariga are running reading groups; all are welcome to register and participate.

Further details on Project Space Art Jameel’s Research Studios are indicative of the direction and mission of the Jameel Library at the upcoming Jameel Arts Centre situated in Jaddaf, Dubai (opening on November 11, 2018).