Lecture-performance | Reading The Return of Tipoo's Tiger

  • VENUE: Alserkal Residency Project Space | Warehouse 50
  • START: 06:00 PM
  • END: 07:00 PM
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Alserkal Residency invites you to Reading the Return of Tipoo’s Tiger, a lecture-performance by Raqs Media Collective’s Monica Narula (current Alserkal Residency Selection Committee member). The Return of Tipoo’s Tiger is a communique from the far future channeled by the Raqs Media Collective. It has man-tigers, machines, and a lexicon of new words and worlds. 

Imagine an 18th century South Indian automaton of a devouring tiger commissioned by Tipoo Sultan becoming a holy relic in the Europe of 4016 CE - a fetish object worshipped by the future submarine inhabitants of a submarine tunnel. In Raqs’ media rich lecture-performance, Tipoo’s Tiger becomes an uncanny meme for Europe’s presence in the world - a fantastical, funny reminder of the ongoing joust between defeat and victory, European and non-European histories, man and nature, human beings and machines.



Monica Narula is an artist and curator with the Raqs Media Collective, Delhi. Raqs is the Artistic Director of the forthcoming Yokohama Triennale (2020).