Reading group | Roadside Picnic with Kevin Jones

  • VENUE: Cinema Room, A4 Space in Alserkal Avenue
  • START: 06:30 PM
  • END: 08:00 PM
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*Please note the reading group is now full and RSVP is closed

Join our summer programme curator Kevin Jones in a reading group exploring Worlds within Worlds in Speculative Fiction: Stalker and Roadside Picnic

Imagine a world contained within ours. The world-within-a-world construct constitutes a veritable subgenre in speculative fiction. In these strange, almost supernatural realms, reality has been suspended. The eerie spaces—whose insertion into ‘our’ world is sometimes never understood—are almost always rife with threat. Taking the ‘Zone’ in Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film Stalker as a starting point, the reading group will focus on the book on which the film is (very loosely) based—Roadside Picnic (1972) by brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. 

Both works will be taken on their own terms: the point is not to generate any comparative analysis between book and film. Rather, the discussions should foreground formal issues (the works as secularised ‘grail’ narrative) and conceptual themes (estrangement from reality, trans-generational angst, the future as promise etc.)

Location | Cinema Room, A4 Space in Alserkal Avenue

Dates | 27 July, 4PM Summer programme launch and Roadside Picnic in Context with excerpts from the film Stalker 

Subsequent Reading Group meetings 7 & 21 August, 4 September

Time | 6.30PM