Rachid Koraichi | Il n’est d’autres souverains que ceux qui me regardent

As part of the launch of its new space in Dubai, Elmarsa present a long awaited solo show by internationally renowned Algerian artist Rachid Koraichi, featuring a site-specific installation of monumental sculptural and two-dimensional works. The exhibition Il n’est d’autres souverains que ceux qui me regardent puts forward the spiritual, intellectual and political power of scripture in Koraichi’s art. As with many of his work, Koraichi aims to show that the world of Islam, in contrast to contemporary perceptions of crisis and violence, also consists of tolerant and sophisticated writings of great Muslim thinkers and poets. Strongly concerned with the Islamic concept of Safar - travel and transcendence - Koraichi is embarking us on a mystic voyage in the world of sacred script, symbolic numbers and magical signs in the context of today’s global complex challenges, thereby adding political relevance to his oeuvre. Koraichi’s work explores the culture of artisan, along with Sufism's deep humanistic strain that respects intellectual curiosity, tolerance of diversity and freedom of expression. Therefore, his artwork is deeply anchored in universal Love, Love of God, and the Love of those close to our hearts.