Performance | My Little Voice Can't Lie

  • VENUE: Atassi Art Foundation (Warehouse 60)
  • START: 07:30 AM
  • END: 08:30 AM
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My Little Voice Can’t Lie is a live spoken word performance during which Khadija Baker stands silently and allows people to listen to spoken text through headphones woven into her braided hair. After collecting the stories of displaced women who have experienced loss, the artist wrote a text based on their stories (including her own). As in much of her work, she uses her body – in this case, as the main source of the sound installation. The main objective is to encourage closeness: in order to hear the soundtrack, viewers must come close to Baker and touch her hair. This evokes an intimacy between people, particularly as, in the artist’s cultural background, strangers are normally forbidden from touching a woman’s hair.  When participants are able to physically touch her hair and listen to the story, Baker allows these stories to become part of their own memory. The viewer now too owns the story; they become witnesses. Her goal is to create a complex connection, where she and the viewers interact through the work on various levels.