Nocturne - Tomás Saraceno and Koo Jeong A

Nocturne seems an appropriate title for a moderate and expressive exhibition by the artists Koo Jeong A and Tomás Saraceno at Custot Gallery Dubai, organised in collaboration with Pinksummer Gallery, Genoa, Italy.

A nocturne is a musical composition in vogue during the Romanticism, not necessarily evocative of the night, but realised for the execution in the dreamlike and magical atmosphere of the night.

The artworks presented by Koo Jeong A and Tomás Saraceno, who are both dreamers, or rather visionaries par excellence, even though they travel the circadian rhythm (circa dies) of life, they seem to refer, in this exhibition, to the nocturnal chronotype, since the beating heart of the show is preserved in the coffer of the dark.

Tomás Saraceno and Koo Jeong A

In collaboration with Pinksummer Gallery, Genoa
15 October 2020 - 6 January 2021