Music | The Pursuit of Expression

A bilingual public performance where the flavour and flair of Hindustani classical music, illustrated by acclaimed flautist Haider Rahman, will dialogue with a poetry performance.
Joy of Urdu presents three literary masterpieces penned by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Noon Meem Rashed and Sannaullah Sani Dar ‘Miraji’, three remarkable modern Urdu poets from the early 20th century.
Joy of Urdu is a bilingual organisation that aims to facilitate and enable the ongoing revitalisation of the Urdu language, in order to reclaim its literary heritage.
Free and open to all however RSVP is essential via the following link.
Date | Saturday, 7 September
Time | 4PM
Location | The Fridge (Warehouse 5)


This event is part of Alserkal Avenue's summer programme 'Foretold Now' curated by arts writer Kevin Jones.

From food trends and financial forecasting, to predicting election results and end-of-the-world scenarios, we have never been more consumed with trying to know what the future holds. Rather than attempting to grasp what this future is, Foretold Now, Alserkal Avenue’s summer programme, examines what drives us to predict in the first place.