Introduction to Coffee Workshop

  • VENUE: Âme Artistic Studio, Warehouse 81
  • START: 02:00 PM
  • END: 06:00 PM
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Learn about coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing, this workshop provides an overview of the coffee value chain.
This intensive day of coffee education provides students with a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain of coffee; from the seed to the brewed cup and is the back. This is a SCA Coffee Skills Program course and is the most comprehensive half a day course one can take in the industry. In Introduction to Coffee students develop a common verbal and sensory vocabulary that forms the backbone of the Roaster, Coffee Sensory Skills, Brewing, Barista Skills, and Green Coffee Programs.
Students will have the chance to use an espresso machine and learn how to execute a COFFEE MENU.
Fees: AED 800.
(Certificate - Optional from SCA (The Speciality Coffee Association)* *Additional fee of AED290
Limited seats only. Pre-booking required.
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