Holistic Approach to Wellbeing with Katrina Valente

  • VENUE: Âme Artistic Studio, Warehouse 81
  • START: 11:00 AM
  • END: 01:00 PM
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- Introduction to a holistic approach to wellbeing

- Skin analysis to every participant to determine skin typology

- Skincare management and rituals- How to choose the right product suitable for your skin type and skin requirements.

- Sun and skin aging protection, SPF products and how to select them

- Diet – superfoods that boost and balance healthy skin, body, and mind.

- Introduction to supplements and a focus on the ones important for age and health management

- Mindfulness and fitness routines that boost age management and healthy lifestyles

- Understanding the importance of Meditation in your daily life-

- Conclusion with a meditation activity to reflect on the learnings and objectives



-No more mistakes buying products;

-Know how to live at your optimum;

-How to stay youthful and full of energy from the Inside Out.


Price | AED250 per person

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