Galleries Night

Join us for Galleries Night at Alserkal Avenue on 18 March.

Across the Avenue, our galleries and creative concepts will stay open late for you to discover their new art exhibitions.

Exhibition Openings | Alserkal Residency Commission, Atassi Foundation, Ayyam Gallery, Carbon 12, Concrete, Custot Gallery Dubai, d.Academy, Elmarsa, FN Designs, Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Green Art Gallery, Grey Noise, Gulf Photo Plus, Ishara Art Foundation, La Galerie Nationale, Lawrie Shabibi, Leila Heller Gallery, Salsali Private Museum, Showcase, SVENM, and The Third Line.

More info on the exhibitions on show below.

- Alserkal Residency Commission "Rhodiola"
- Atassi Foundation | "Personal Revolutions" | Sulafa Hijazi, Khadija Baker, Hiba Ansari, Randa Maddah, Nour Asalia, and more.
- Ayyam Gallery | "The River That Was in the South" | Sadik Alfraji
- Carbon 12 | "The Chaser, the Ambusher and the Fickle" | Bernhard Buhmann
- Concrete | "Fabric(ated) Fractures"

- Custot Gallery | Group Exhibition
- Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde | "Blue" | Hassan Sharif
- Green Art Gallery | Kamrooz Aram
- Grey Noise | "The Encounter Of The First And Last Particles Of Dust" | Stéphanie Saadé
- Gulf Photo Plus | "Facade to Facade" | Hussain AlMoosawi
- Leila Heller Gallery | "True Love" | Johan Creten
- Lawrie Shabibi | Materialize | Group Exhibition

- Salsali Private Museum | "Beach Resort Tiberio, Summer of No Love South Nisyros" | Philip Mueller
- Showcase Gallery | "Architecture of Being" | Heitham Adjina
- Ishara Art Foundation | "Altered Inheritances: Home is a Foreign Place" | A conversation between Shilpa Gupta and Zarina
- SVENM | "The Permanent"
- The Third Line | "Perception and Reflection" | Rana Begum
- Elmarsa Baya Mahieddine

1x1 Gallery | Group Exhibition

Date | 18 March
Time | 6-10PM

Galleries Night is free and open to all.
RTA Parking is available on Street 6A.

(Photo: ACAW)