Floral Gold Leaf Art Workshop by Sanaa Merchant

  • VENUE: Âme Artistic Studio, Warehouse 81
  • START: 01:00 PM
  • END: 03:00 PM
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You will be given an overview about the appropriate approach to acrylic paint, followed by a tutorial on how to create depth with colors and layers with paint. You will learn how to create visual contrast from dark to lights, and you will also learn the technique required to apply gold leaf to an artwork.
You will be invited to create an abstract floral acrylic artwork on a stretched canvas, and apply the gold leaf technique that you’ve learnt to create a bold artwork.

Workshop Outline:

• Approach to Acrylic Paint
• How to create depth with colors
• How to create layers with paints
• How to create contrast from dark to lights
• Techniques to applying gold leaf to an artwork
• How to apply mixed media inks to an artwork
Final student project on canvas:
An abstract floral acrylic painting on a stretched canvas panel of approx 30 x 30 cm, applying the gold leaf technique to create a bold artwork.
WhatsApp us on 050 263 2668 to reserve your space or click this link:
This work is AED 450 per person - inclusive of all materials.
Due to social distancing guidelines, this workshop has limited availability.
About Sanaa

Sanaa Merchant is known for traditional Arabian themes with a modern perspective. The artist’s practice ranges from ornamental works to modernism in abstract and calligraphic forms. Moreover, the use of vibrant bold colors, with their dimensional forms gives them a thought provoking process in the development. In addition to this the use of the intense pen and ink compositions seen in most of Merchant’s works gives it an extra touch of detail.
The contemporary results seen in her work break the rules of the conventional outlook usually imposed since she is influenced by Arabic contemporary styles and their enriched layered colors. The artist gets most of her exposure from her surroundings since she has been born and brought up in the UAE
Furthermore, her recent works and methods have shifted focus to modern abstracts as well, and her interest in resin art has pushed her to experiment to create everyday functional art for corporates and the everyday buyer making her art trendy & affordable.