'Cultural Crossroads' paintings exhibition of Tahar Ben Jelloun ArtWorks

  • VENUE: Alserkal Avenue, La Galerie Nationale, Unit 27
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La Galerie Nationale is pleased to announce its upcoming solo exhibition, featuring works on canvas from famed Moroccan writer and Goncourt prizewinner Tahar Ben Jelloun. The exhibition, entitled, ‘Cultural Crossroads’, represents Ben Jelloun’s first show in the Middle East and is the fruit of a friendship between Tahar and Guillaume Cuiry, director and curator of Dubai-based La Galerie Nationale. Running from 19 March – 15 September, the pieces will debut during Dubai Art Week 2018 in the hub of Alserkal Avenue. Importantly, the exhibition also marks partnership with the Institut de Monde Arabe, with 2018 the official year of UAE-Franco Relations. Poet and novelist Tahar Ben Jelloun is famous for his novels The Sand child and of his suite The Sacred Night, which was awarded the French Goncourt prize in 1987. Other novels include The Happy Marriage, Leaving Tangier, and L’Ablation. His journey into visual self-expression started in 2010 by coloring a friend’s enlarged drawings. In 2013 he painted his first blank canvas and embraced painting like he embraced writing. Since then, he has been exhibited in Rome, Turin, Palermo, Marrakech, Tangier and in 2017 at the Arab World Institute in Paris.