Contemporary dance | Game Changer

Where does freedom within limitations lie? Game Changer, a contemporary dance performance by international dance theatre company Aura, explores this space through live music and monumental costumes. Dancers cope with the limited possibilities of movement, restricted by their costumes created by Dutch installation artist Guda Koster. The huge costumes reflect societal restrains, and the dancers embody the human being’s spirit of freedom, and the desire to break out of the system.
Game Changer is choreographed by Birutė Letukaitė, a key figure in Lithuanian contemporary dance. Her work reveals ideas through vivid dramaturgie, strong physicality, technical precision, and expressivity. Among many awards, the choreographer is the two-time winner of the Golden Stage Cross, Lithuania’s most prestigious state theatre award, and of the Kaunas city Culture and Art Award in 2013. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania has also awarded Letukaitė for her outstanding contribution Lithuanian culture and art.

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Friday, 10 January | 8-9.30PM [Doors open 8PM and performance starts at 8.30PM]
Saturday, 11 January | 5-6.30PM [Doors open 5PM and performance starts at 5.30PM]
Kaunas city dance theatre Aura was established in 1995, and today is an international dance company with dancers from all over the world, including Norway, Japan, Belgium, Lithuania, Brazil.  It has won 50 city, national, and international awards. Since its founding, Aura has shaped the face of Lithuanian contemporary dance. 
Choreography: Birutė Letukaitė (Lithuania)
Costumes and idea: Guda Koster (Netherlands)
Music: Antanas Jasenka (Lithuania)
Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas (Lithuania)
Voice: Ilja Gun (Lithuania)
Dancers: AURA Dance Theatre
Guest Programmer:  Beata Stankevič
Duration: 60 mins
Production is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.