Colour Code #Kimono

Every culture has its own sense of color, and Japan is no exception. From prehistoric times to the present day, the Japanese have developed their own collection of traditional colors, known as dentouiro, which are still recognized and used today. Their use in textiles such as kimono is one of the most notable.

Colours displayed in kimono are not random. They have been cautiously selected in creating an expressive work of art that is the kimono.

Purple, for example, is a metaphor for undying love, the imagery deriving from the fact that gromwell (murasaki), the plant used to create the dye, has very long roots. The exhibition 'Colour Code #Kimono' dives deep into the depths of these delicate colours, exploring their strong metaphorical and cultural meanings, cosmological dimensions and poetic significance.

The opening of ‘COLOUR CODE #KIMONO’ coincides with ‘Galleries Night’ at Alserkal Avenue on March 13th, between 6-10pm. The evening marks the opening of exhibitions, artist commissions and pop-up projects taking place across the Avenue through Art Week. A contemporary tea ceremony will be held at CHI-KA on the evening, surrounded by a plethora of exquisite kimonos in all gradient colours.