CATNIP is a photo series born out of the artist's yearning to live with a cat, however, his bed-space accommodation wouldn't allow it. In the context of home, the camera zooms in the cats' "natural habitat" amidst the urban glitz and cityscape of Dubai.

ANGEL-O or better known as CATNIP has a penchant for cats and dogs. He is a punk rock kid who grew up in the Philippines where he chases sunsets from time to time and reads fantasy and fiction, graphic novels and poetry by Poe, Murakami, Gaiman, Sexton, Moore and so on. He lives Dubai, U.A.E. with his fluffy feline sidekick, OliverSlaveDriver and wife, Mima. He does not treat photography as a profession, but rather an art form that should be taken as existential and absurd at the same time. ANGEL-O says: “I don’t just photograph subjects. I photograph the way they made me feel. Admittedly, it’s a bit of an odd concept. But it’s honest and it’s the best way to describe my craft."