Artist-led tour | Public art commission by METASITU

The public art commission inviting th Join METASITU on a tour of we were building sand castles_but the wind blew them away_FINALFINAL3.psd., the public art commission inviting the sand back to Warehouse 90. Free and open to all however spaces are limited and RSVP is required via the following link:
Date | 13 November, 2019
Time | 6.30-7PM
Location | Warehouse 90

About the public art commission:

In this public art commission presented by Alserkal Arts Foundation, METASITU, an artist collective (and former residents of Alserkal Residency) will transform the building previously known as Nadi Al Quoz into a ruin folly, a popular architectural typology in the 18th and 19th century Western garden tradition.

Patrons commissioned ‘deliberate ruins’ and ‘exotic pavilions’ - follies - for their estates. These structures of ‘unusable architecture’ came to establish spatial counter-narratives to the production-line logic of the, then-emerging, industrialisation era.

By deliberately creating a ruin in 21st century Dubai, METASITU reflects on the extractive city-building processes, as well as contextualises them within different human and geological timelines.

In an attempt to return the building’s materials to their ‘original state’, different parts will be repurposed and reused. In the spring of 2020, the space will be further deconstructed into a landscaped environment for the public.

we were building sand castles_but the wind blew them away_FINALFINAL3.psd suggests architecture as a process, rather than a finished object. Through it, METASITU will explore the cycles of ruinification, ecological footprint, returns, and alternative urban models.
METASITU is inviting the sand back. Will it return to cover the ruins?

Artist Biography

METASITU is a porous tribe that challenges spatial power hegemonies, and explores territory across time and disciplines.