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Who we are

Founded in 2007, Alserkal Avenue is the region’s foremost arts hub, bringing together collaborators from diverse artistic disciplines and encouraging open dialogue, the sharing of ideas and the ability to collaborate to develop them. Spread across 250,000 Sq ft, Alserkal Avenue’s creative warehouse spaces coexist with industrial workshops. The Avenue houses numerous galleries of international repute, dynamic art spaces, and homegrown cultural initiatives.

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What’s On

Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue Programming

03 November - 08 December

Salsali Private Museum

German Cool

11 November - 01 February

Carbon 12

On a Boat, Looking to Land

15 November - 07 January

Green Art Gallery

Surfaces and Solids

15 November - 09 January

Lawrie Shabibi

A Dish Fit for the Gods

15 November - 04 January

Ayyam Gallery

Sama Alshaibi | Collapse

16 November - 14 January

Ayyam Gallery

Khaled Hafez | A Temple for Extended Days

16 November - 14 January

Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde


16 November - 07 January

Gulf Photo Plus

Egypt | A Spirit Within

16 November - 31 December

Grey Noise

Concrete Layers

16 November - 30 December

La Galerie Nationale

Olivier Gagnère | Designer

16 November - 10 January


The Material Presence of the Past

16 November - 16 January

FN Designs

& Until The Dreams Come

16 November - 07 January

Elmarsa Gallery

Rachid Koraichi | Il n’est d’autres souverains que ceux qui me regardent

16 November - 09 January

Alserkal Avenue

Urban Market | Winter 2015

11 December - 12 December

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Dubai's Alserkal Avenue Arts District expands

Dubai's Alserkal Avenue Arts District expands

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Founder of Alserkal Avenue says the arts hub is ‘an ambassador of regional art to the rest of the world’

Founder of Alserkal Avenue says the arts hub ...

Abdelmonem bin Eisa Alserkal, the founder of Alserkal Avenue and patron of the arts, talks to The National about the much-awaited expansion and its impact on the UAE’s art and culture scene. What inspi...

In Conversation: Abdelmonem Alserkal

In Conversation: Abdelmonem Alserkal

A conversation with Alserkal Avenue Founder and patron of the arts Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal reveals the origin of his love for art, his vision for Alserkal Avenue, and his belief in the power of art for the UA...

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Arabian delights in London

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