Nadi Al Quoz

Inspired by a Zen garden, Nadi Al Quoz is meant to inspire comfort and creativity, engendering a spirit of community and creative growth for all members of the community, both corporate and independent. Nadi Al Quoz is the ideal venue for multi-disciplinary public and private events hosting a wide range of bespoke private events including corporate events, talks, product launches, brainstorming sessions, board meetings, team-building, workshops, car launches, press-days, private lunches/dinners, presentations or screenings.


- Size: 260 square meters

- Type of space: furnished; natural light, Majlis

- Capacity: up to 150 pax

- Amenities: 1 restroom, WiFi 16MBps AV SPECS:

- Projector: HDMI input, resolution 1920 x 1080

- Mixer: 4 input mixer

- Microphones: wireless hand held 3 Sets

- Movie Formats: Apple ProRes, HD 1080P

- Speakers: 1100 Watt, 15” Full Range

- Subs: 3,200 Watts

Floor plan specifics:

- 260 square metres

- Overall ceiling height: 6,5 metres

- Lighting: Pendants with incandescent bulbs 3000k

- Glass windows

Nadi Al Quoz