101 Talks

101 Talks

101 Talks is a series of conversations with members of the UAE creative community, organised every month by Alserkal Programming. With a focus on a wide range of subjects which includes art, design and more.

Each month, 101 Talks will invite a different member of the UAE’s community to offer unique insight into the world that creatives inhabit. 

Presented in a simple moderated style, each session will allow you to interact and engage with the speakers, giving you the chance to have your questions answered by those most qualified to do so.
5 November 2016
Nassib Abou Khalil | The Collector: on the rules of building a collection 

Moderated by: Victoria Gandit Lelandais 
16 October 2016
Sunny Rahbar | The Gallerist: On learning the role that galleries play
Moderated by: Aleksei Afanasiev  

22 January 2017
eL Seed | The Artist: On the life of an artist
Moderated by: Aquamarina Andonopoulou

12 February 2017
Laila Binbrek | The Cultural Practicioner: On representing the UAE at the Venice Biennale
Moderated by: Fiza Akram

26 February 2017
Maya Allison | The Curator: On how community makes great art possible
Moderated by: Tairone Bastien 

20 April 2017
Sven Mueller | The Architect: Bespoke design in the age of social media
Moderated by: Basmah El Bittar

21 May 2017
Paul Frangie | The Chef: Food as a lifestyle choice
Moderated by: Charlotte York