Alserkal Programming is a platform for workshops, talks, films, performances and special commissioned projects that critically and creatively investigate themes pertinent to the arts community of Dubai. Each year, Alserkal Programming will focus on a particular issue, bringing artists and professionals from different fields to examine a concept through wide-ranging means and perspectives. From an urbanist leading an exploratory walk through the industrial areas of Al Quoz to commissioned artworks in and amidst our warehouses and public spaces, Alserkal Programming is intended to provoke questions, unexpected encounters and new imaginings for diverse publics in Dubai. Season 2 started in Summer 2016 and ran until the end of Spring 2017.

Season 2: 2016-17

The 2016-17 season builds on the first season’s interrogation of Dubai’s arts community, to consider the forms and conditions of artistic work, and the mechanics of art production, dissemination and discourse shaping the region and global art world. Reaching out to the fabricators, garages, traders and engineers in Al Quoz through programming, we are attempting to understand forms of work taking place around us, shifting from the creative and conceptual work of artists, to the mechanical, physical and technological work of industry. How do different forms of work shape our world? What are the intersections of art, industry, work and technology, and how are they impacting our lives?