Limah Design Consultants

As an global design firm, LIMAH creates exceptional human experiences through collaborations with major global clients to develop customer journeys, intuitive navigation and interactive experiences.

LIMAH was founded in 2007 as a response to the need for a connection between built environments and human experiences. They set out to be an asset to their clients and the architectural teams they work within, providing unique perspectives, analysis of user behaviours, discovery of obstacles and a seeking out of customer experience opportunities on behalf of their clients.

Collaborating with Architects and Developers, they connect the dots and create human experiences for the end users. They envision and implement new customer experiences, digital content, products and services and interactive experiences specifically for built environments. They call this work - Experience Engineering – The discipline of working artfully to bring about positive human experiences for built environments.

Their progressive work has allowed LIMAH to expand into other disciplines and areas of research such as product design, customer experience, venture design and public art, making our studio a truly collaborative work space.


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    • Opening Hours Sat - Thurs 8am - 6pm
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