HAPI is a holistic lifestyle brand.

our community centre combines an all day diner, a movement facility, and awesome people.

we inspire the community to live better through good food, mindful exercise, and active leisure



 HAPI’s diner serves good food, fast.

our menu combines locally sourced, quality ingredients with Mediterranean flavours. 

we serve fresh juice, coffee, organic bone broth and home-made ice-cream too!



HAPI’s movement facility encourages people to move mindfully and intelligently.

you can reconnect with your body’s true potential.

learn how to move well through parkour, capoeira, and dance.

we also offer yoga.



HAPI supports social cohesion through play - join our community and engage with life!

go outside. get closer to nature.

meet new people. let go & discover.

be yourself & have fun.

    • LOCATION Warehouse 42
    • Opening Hours Saturday – Thursday, 8AM-10PM
    • E