Welcome to Folio

01 December 2018Alserkal Avenue
Welcome to Folio

Welcome to Folio!

Folio is a collection of essays, features, podcasts and videos that document the ever-growing creative scene in the MENASA region. Notes from our journeys across the region and beyond combine with stories that explore our incredible contemporary art galleries, creative concepts and entrepreneurs within Alserkal Avenue. 

We have created symbols for you to easily identify what you are viewing, to make your browsing experience that much easier:


  An article 


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So that we can present you with a wide variety of art and culture content, our posts are divided into different categories. 

To filter these categories, simply click on the top right drop down bar on the landing page: 

You will then have the choice of selecting from four categories: Art, Atelier, Daily Bread, Performance. 


Not sure what these mean?  

  Stories that are related to all things art, including; art exhibitions, art related events and conversations with artists themselves


  For those who have an affinity for design, this is the category for you


 General information related to the art world


  Stories related to the growing performance scene in the region


 A series of web-based artist commissions