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    Welcome to Folio

    01 December 2018Alserkal Avenue

    From the heart of Alserkal Avenue, located in Dubai's industrial district, we unpack and explore the MENASA arts and culture scene. Exploring the contemporary art galleries and creative concepts that call Alserkal Avenue their home, as well as the many partner organisations, artists and collectors we work with, we provide unique perspectives and insight.

  • Welcome to Folio
  • 100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue
  • Avenue

    100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue

    15 January 2018Sonia Brewin

    Heritage cars, bespoke jewellery, modernist furniture, kimonos: Take a journey through a dizzying 100 years of design at Alserkal Avenue.

  • 100 Years of Design at Alserkal Avenue
  • Art

    A conversation with André Butzer

    08 January 2018Carbon 12 Gallery

    Carbon12 gallery founders Kourosh Nouri and Nadine Knotzer share their discussion with artist André Butzer about his current exhibition

  • A conversation with André Butzer
  • Performance

    Chillin’ in The Fridge

    28 December 2017Arsalan Mohammad

    Meet the bands, musicians and audiences at The Fridge, the hub of the new wave of homegrown music that’s booming in Dubai

  • Chillin’ in The Fridge
  • Finding presence in absence
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    Finding presence in absence

    20 December 2017Anna Seaman

    Tarek Al Ghoussein’s latest exhibition is the result of a two-and-a-half-year obsession with an abandoned housing estate in Kuwait. The images are haunting in their emptiness but compelling and full of life.

  • Finding presence in absence
  • The art of worldbuilding
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    The art of worldbuilding

    11 December 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Known for his use of rice paper and bamboo, Jacob Hashimoto's current exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery explores abstracted landscape.

  • Threading a link between past and present
  • Art

    Threading a link between past and present

    08 December 2017Anna Seaman

    In our latest Conversations on the Avenue episode, we speak to Uns Kattan and Lana Shamma of Art Jameel about the current research studio and their new centre, which opens in 2018.

  • From India to the World
  • Art

    From India to the World

    27 November 2017Laura Egerton

    1X1 Gallery founder Malini Gulrajani talks about her focus on Indian Art and its place in the Dubai art market.

  • From India to the World
  • Re-examining the role of the museum in society
  • Art

    Re-examining the role of the museum in society

    26 November 2017Sarah Bahgat, Rachel Dedman, Asmaa Elmongi

    This year's CiMAM Annual Conference brought together museum professionals from around the world to re-evaluate the public functions of museums.

  • Re-examining the role of the museum in society
  • Avenue

    The invisible stories of Dubai's architecture

    10 November 2017Alexandra Chaves

    As Arch.Season '17 begins, Sonia Brewin of SVENM talks about the need for an Architectural Biennale in Dubai and shares her list of architecture- and design-related events to catch in November.

  • The invisible stories of Dubai's architecture
  • Art

    Inside Abu Dhabi Art

    07 November 2017Anna Seaman

    As the doors open on the ninth edition of Abu Dhabi Art, we round up a few of the highlights.

  • Inside Abu Dhabi Art
  • While We Wait at Concrete
  • Art

    While We Wait at Concrete

    26 October 2017V&A | Concrete

    The meditative and immersive installation by AAU Anastas opens on 6 November in Concrete

  • Faces from Two Worlds
  • Art

    Faces from Two Worlds

    25 October 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Kourosh Nouri of Carbon 12 brings together two divergent styles at the gallery’s latest exhibition of contemporary portraiture.

  • Faces from Two Worlds
  • Art

    Rediscovering the past

    20 October 2017Laura Egerton

    The exhibition of Massoud Arabshahi's early works at Lawrie Shabibi is an excellent example of why it is just as important to rediscover art of the recent past as it is to commission something new.

  • Rediscovering the past
  • The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body
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    The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body

    16 October 2017Saira Ansari

    The Theatre of the Absurd exhibition at Green Art Gallery features a group show of five women artists who explore the collision of human existence and the built world, manifesting itself in the relationship between art and architecture.

  • The Handrail: Choreography of the absent human body
  • Healing The Divide
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    Healing The Divide

    12 October 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Beirut multimedia artist Zena El Khalil’s new show in a former sniper’s bunker explores the city’s turbulent past to find harmony, peace and resolution.

  • Of lightness and weight: Sand
  • Art

    Of lightness and weight: Sand

    08 October 2017Anna Seaman

    The works of Daniel Gustav Cramer & Joana Escoval are combined in Sand. Minimal, delicate and challenging at times, the exhibition is now on at Grey Noise.

  • Of lightness and weight: Sand
  • Naked Diplomacy: Tom Fletcher
  • Avenue

    Naked Diplomacy: Tom Fletcher

    01 October 2017Tom Fletcher

    In this talk, Tom Fletcher, the youngest senior British ambassador in 200 years and author of the book 'The Naked Diplomat: Understanding Power and Politics in the Digital Age', discusses diplomacy, technology, improving security, and how to thrive in the 21st century.

  • Avenue

    When the digital world enters the art world

    28 September 2017101 Talk

    Technology is shaking up the art world and everyone in it. In 101 Talk: Art in BITS, Shohidul Ahad-Choudhury and Peter Goodwin discuss how we can navigate this change.

  • When the digital world enters the art world
  • He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri
  • Art

    He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri

    25 September 2017Alexandra Chaves

    Tunisian artist Thameur Mejri’s colourful paintings and collages expose the darker side of our nature. Heretic Spaces is now on show at the Elmarsa Gallery.

  • He who asks questions: Thameur Mejri
  • Art

    Crossing the Lines: Pouran Jinchi

    19 September 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Meet Pouran Jinchi, whose current show at The Third Line melds utilitarian military symbolism with graceful lines and forms in a vivid confluence of signs, symbols and art.

  • Crossing the Lines: Pouran Jinchi
  • Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.
  • Art

    Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.

    07 September 2017Arsalan Mohamed

    Arsalan Mohamed talks to Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Assistant Curator at Tate Modern and member of the Alserkal Residency Selection Committee, about the UK's first retrospective of Fahrelnissa Zeid — on show at the Tate Modern until 8 October 2017.

  • Fahrelnissa Zeid: Colourful. Eccentric. Powerful.
  • Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh: Love for the Written Word
  • Avenue

    Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh: Love for the Written Word

    05 September 2017Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh

    In 'Love for written and spoken word and the importance of translation', Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh talks about how the UAE's cultural scene came to be. He shares stories from his life in Abu Dhabi in the late 1960s and his work as an interpreter for the UAE government.

  • Avenue

    The Art of Publishing

    19 August 2017Andrew Hansen

    What's the secret to a successful book? In this talk, titled 'My Life on the Coffee Table', Prestel Publishing Managing Director Andrew Hansen talks about his career in the publishing world and shares a few secrets from the industry.

  • The Art of Publishing
  • Present by Cheb Moha
  • Digital Commission

    Present by Cheb Moha

    08 August 2017Cheb Moha

    Folio Digital Commissions is a series of web-based artist projects that live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In this work, the artist Cheb Moha comments on how the Internet has changed the expectations of our daily routine.

  • Art

    Understanding cultural hybridity

    23 July 2017Anna Seaman

    “You have an entire generation of people who are growing up thinking of themselves as not being tethered or anchored to one particular place and thinking of themselves as global in their citizenry.” - Anna Seaman talks to Dexter Wimberley about cultural hybridity and his show at The Third Line — "A Fast, Moving Sky".

  • Understanding cultural hybridity
  • MEDIAA PUNCHH!! by Chndy
  • Digital Commission

    MEDIAA PUNCHH!! by Chndy

    17 July 2017Chndy

    Folio Digital Commissions is a series of web-based artist projects that live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In this work, the artist Chndy expresses his view of the unending stream of information that is pushed to consumers.

  • Art

    The Power of Culture

    19 June 2017Alserkal Avenue

    A speaker on Expo 2020's sustainability panel held in April 2017, Majid Al Qassimi talks about sustainable initiatives and the powerful impact that cultural communities can have on shaping society.

  • The Power of Culture
  • Moving Mountains
  • Art

    Moving Mountains

    06 June 2017Reshma Mehra with Anna Wallace-Thompson

    For the 2017 Venice Biennale, Moataz Nasr has transformed the Egyptian Pavilion into a multi-sensory, immersive experience with his new video work, ‘The Mountain’. Folio talks to him about the experience of putting together one of his most ambitious projects to date, the importance of conquering fear, and what he hopes ‘The Mountain’ will achieve.

  • Art

    A contemporary take on the Archaic

    01 June 2017Alserkal Avenue

    The Iraq Pavilion exhibition at the 57th Venice Biennale, named 'Archaic', speaks to the rich cultural heritage of Iraq, that has endured a tumultuous socio-political past. We had a chance to sit down with author Tamara Chalabi, who is also the curator for the Iraq Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale to get some insight into how each work complements the overarching message of the exhibition.

  • A contemporary take on the Archaic
  • Foodie 101
  • Daily Bread

    Foodie 101

    30 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Founder of HAPI, Paul Frangie, discloses all of his top tips about healthy living, and tells us about the process he went through in order to create a concept dedicated to eating clean and keeping it fresh.

  • Art

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    21 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play’ is the theme of this year's National Pavilion UAE exhibition at the Venice Biennale. We spoke to the curator, Hammad Nasar and one of the artists, Vikram Divecha to find out what being on an international platform means for the development of UAE art and culture.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Music for the soul
  • Avenue

    Music for the soul

    21 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    We sat down with Shadi Megallaa - music-lover, Dj and founder of The Flipside; one of the first vinyl stores to exist in the UAE. Having lived around the world, Shadi talks to us about experiences in his life that have made him who he is today, and gives us a taste of the music that makes him tick.

  • News

    Alserkal Avenue announces annual internship position for a UAE-based student

    13 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    On Friday, May 12, 2017, we hosted a breakfast at The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, where we announced Abdelmonem Alserkal's and Alserkal Programming's support of an annual internship position for a UAE-based student or young professional over a six-year period. Thank you to everyone who could be part of this.

  • Alserkal Avenue announces annual internship position for a UAE-based student
  • Game On
  • Art

    Game On

    10 May 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    As Christine Macel’s quirky 2017 Venice Biennale comes to life, we talk to Hammad Nasar, the curator of the National Pavilion UAE about states of play in the Emirates, and how the pavilion fits under the wider umbrella of Macel’s invigorating theme: VIVA ARTE VIVA.

  • Atelier

    The Happy Studio

    08 May 2017George Anastasiades

    We sat down with the woman once dubbed by The National as “The Queen of Happiness" to find out what drove someone, who worked in social development for the government, towards taking the leap of faith and becoming the ambassador of happiness.

  • The Happy Studio
  • Reincarnations of Tutankhamun
  • Art

    Reincarnations of Tutankhamun

    04 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Known for their particular expertise in scanning and digital technologies, Factum Arte's work has ranged from the replication of Tutankhamun’s tomb to producing complex works for contemporary artists, such as Rachid Koraichi, Anish Kapoor and Marc Quinn. Listen to a talk given by Director of Factum Arte, Adam Lowe, that explores the ways in which new technologies are being used in both architectural conservation and contemporary art.

  • Reincarnations of Tutankhamun
  • Art


    04 May 2017The Third Line

    Artist Sophia Al-Maria presents to us a symbol of the apocalyptic act of consumption through her EVERYTHING MUST GO exhibition. Listen to her story, in a laid-back conversation with artist liaison, Sybel Vazquez - and get a comprehensive video tour of Sophia's post-apocalyptic dystopia.

  • The Boutique Design Space With Mass Appeal : Svenm
  • Atelier

    The Boutique Design Space With Mass Appeal : Svenm

    03 May 2017Sonia Brewin

    Who are SVENM and what are they about? In a bitesized interview, co-founder Sonia Brewin gives us insight into the growth of the boutique architectural and design firm, its current exhibition named 'Everyday Masterpieces: The Art of Buildings' and its involvement as part of the organising committee for the Architectural Biennale.

  • Art

    Syria: Into The Light

    03 May 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    The 'Syria: Into The Light' exhibition marked the inauguration of Concrete, a multipurpose space in the Avenue, and the first OMA-completed space in the UAE. As the evening of the 9th approached, the doors of Concrete opened for the first time and in flowed our community, art enthusiasts and press, exploring both the building and the outstanding Syrian artworks.

  • Syria: Into The Light
  • Art Week At Alserkal Avenue | 10-18 March 2017
  • Art

    Art Week At Alserkal Avenue | 10-18 March 2017

    03 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    This year’s Art Week at Alserkal Avenue welcomed over 25,000 visitors from around the world and hosted 114 events, 27 exhibitions, 6 pop-up projects and 19 majlis talks.

  • Salvation
  • Art


    02 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Artist and sculptor Sara Rahbar sits down with Miriam Lloyd Evans, Curator at the British Museum, to discuss the false sense of patriotism, and current issues that were the inspiration for Rahbar's solo show 'Salvation' at Carbon 12.

  • Salvation
  • Art

    Dancing Girls

    01 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Curator for the National Pavillion UAE, Hammad Nasar and Artist Hind Mezaina discuss play in art and popular culture through the lens of her practice. Listen to the whole conversation recorded as a podcast, and watch her culturally significant video artwork that she refers to throughout the discussion.

  • Dancing Girls
  • Satellites by Hiba Ali
  • Digital Commission

    Satellites by Hiba Ali

    01 May 2017Hiba Ali

    Folio Digital Commission is a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. Through GIF’s, Hiba Ali's 'Satellites' digital collage examines remote sensing through an artistic lens.

  • Art

    Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble

    01 May 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Hera Büyüktaşçıyan is a storyteller who processes extensive research on historical and cultural narrative scopes. Listen to the podcast as she speaks about her research on historic and iconographic elements of different geographies. Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble runs through till 6 May 2017 at Green Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue.

  • Write Injuries On Sand And Kindness In Marble
  • Ring of Fire
  • Art

    Ring of Fire

    30 April 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    Moroccan artist Mounir Fatmi’s work fearlessly tackles uncomfortable subjects. He probes our innermost fears, taking on religious dogmas, our culture of endless consumption, and the relentless, unavoidable habit of history repeating itself time and again.

  • Ring of Fire
  • Art

    UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

    29 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    The National Pavilion UAE has announced the artworks for the 2017 exhibition at the Venice Biennale, as well as commissions included in the accompanying publication and wider projects taking place with cultural institutions in the UAE and internationally.

  • UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
  • Change Your Life
  • Art

    Change Your Life

    27 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Change Your Life critiques a fashionable practice of performative masculinity (i.e. working out) and places it as a contemporary motif of religiosity. Listen to the conversation between artist Raja'a Khalid and artist Lantian Xie as they explore the blurring between the potentially aesthetic, ascetic and athletic demands of contemporary life in the Gulf.

  • Change Your Life
  • Majlis Talk with Alia Ali
  • Art

    Majlis Talk with Alia Ali

    16 April 2017Alia Ali

    In this Majlis Talk, Alia Ali talks us through her journey towards creating “BORDERLAND”, a series of portraits that question the barriers which divide and unite us, all at once. In this conversation, Alia gives background on where the idea for this work came from, the subjects she worked with and the significance of fabric being used as a borderline between the anonymous “-clude" and the viewer.

  • Art

    Ways of Seeing

    11 April 2017Katrina Kufer

    Palestinian artist Samia Halaby's approach to painting reveals her precise complex process, astute peripheral sensibilities, and why abstraction is the only movement left unexploited.

  • Ways of Seeing
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Art

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    10 April 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    One year on, Custot Gallery shows no signs of slowing down as founder Stephane Custot looks forward to the endless possibilities available in the gallery’s vast, Dubai-based space.

  • Art

    Art Dubai's New Vision

    04 April 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Uzma Rizvi caught up with Myrna Ayad, the new director at Art Dubai. During this in-depth discussion, Uzma finds out what drives Myrna's vision for Dubai's art scene, along with the fruition of new concepts, developments and events including the Art Dubai Modern Symposium.

  • Art Dubai's New Vision
  • The Tree of Life
  • Art

    The Tree of Life

    20 February 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    A visionary and globally recognised artist, Hassan Sharif will always be remembered for his progressive ideals within the art world. In reflection of his life, there is great respect for the manner in which he paved the way for arts and culture in the Middle East.

  • Digital Commission

    Hello by Walid Al Wawi

    20 February 2017Walid Al Wawi

    Folio Digital Commission is a series of web-based artist commissions which live on the Alserkal Avenue website. In its first year, Alserkal Programming will commission several artists to create new works. This concept developed from a desire to work with and support, a new generation of artists who harness the language of social media and the Internet to explore the shifting nature of a post-Internet existence.

  • Hello by Walid Al Wawi
  • Art

    Kickin’ It In The Kingdom

    13 February 2017Anna Wallace-Thompson

    As it celebrates its fourth edition, 21,39 Jeddah Arts hits its stride, fostering cultural appreciation amongst local audiences, showcasing Saudi Arabian art to the world, and, most importantly, placing the artist firmly at the centre of it all.

  • Kickin’ It In The Kingdom
  • The Anthropocene
  • Art

    The Anthropocene

    12 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    This exhibition brings together several photographic series that Richard Allenby-Pratt has created during his 16 years’ exploration of the UAE. Listen in as he talks more about the theory behind his works.

  • Art

    The Life of an Artist

    09 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Is artistic skill enough to make an artist successful? Dubai-based artist eL Seed talks about becoming 'successful'; the courage to be outspoken; finding the inspiration to create new series of works and the sacrifices, choices and challenges that he has faced as an artist.

  • The Life of an Artist
  • A Feeling in Perspective
  • Art

    A Feeling in Perspective

    08 February 2017Reshma Mehra

    We sit down with artist Raed Yassin, to hear about the roots of inspiration for his 'A Feeling in Perspective' exhibition at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde.

  • Daily Bread

    What Lies Behind the Giant Cactus

    03 February 2017Reshma Mehra

    Patrick and Kenza Jarjour's inspired culinary concept, INKED, offers a chance to bring your imagination to life.

  • What Lies Behind the Giant Cactus
  • Understanding 'Different Air'
  • Art

    Understanding 'Different Air'

    02 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Karim Sultan speaks to Tairone Bastien about the meaning and inspiration behind the first iteration of 'Different Air', a performance work commissioned by Alserkal Programming. Have a watch, and understand the truths that lie beneath the intriguing concept of playing live music in a chamber decreasing in oxygen.

  • Understanding 'Different Air'
  • A Designer's Dream
  • Atelier

    A Designer's Dream

    01 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Watch this inspiring video created during Assembly, a celebration of design and making that was held in Alserkal Avenue from 23 - 29 October 2016. The week of exhibitions and programmes put the spotlight on the designers and makers behind the best in design from all over the world. Get a quick insight into some of the truly ingenious works displayed over the course of the week and meet the individuals involved in the making of Assembly.

  • Wheels of Wonder
  • Atelier

    Wheels of Wonder

    01 February 2017George Anastasiades

    Mazin Alkhatib’s passion project, Nostalgia Classic Cars throws light on the beauty of vintage automobiles. For some, cars are just a mechanical structure that take you from point A to point B, but Mazin sheds light on the beauty of these vehicles and how they are much more than just a means of transport.

  • Wheels of Wonder
  • 'Different Air'
  • Art

    'Different Air'

    01 February 2017Alserkal Avenue

    Watch the first iteration of 'Different Air' by Karim Sultan, performed in an oxygen controlled chamber. Commissioned by Alserkal Programming.

  • Performance

    Drama on the Avenue

    07 January 2017Rahel Aima

    Just over a year old, The Junction has already become a dramatic reflection of Dubai’s multicultural scene. Despite drawbacks, Founder of the Junction - Gautam Goenka, has managed to break through all adversities and plant the seeds of growth for the drama scene in Dubai.

  • Drama on the Avenue
  • Here Be Monsters
  • Daily Bread

    Here Be Monsters

    28 December 2016Rahel Aima

    Mirzam takes you on a chocolate-infused journey, from plantation to bean to bar. It’s hard not to think of Willy Wonka when you step into Mirzam, Dubai’s first artisanal chocolate factory. Instead of technicolour psychedelia and an army of orange oompa-loompas, however, you’ll find a sleekly industrial affair, all poured concrete, wireframe chairs and massive steel machines behind glass vitrines that allow you to see every step of the chocolate-making process.

  • Here Be Monsters
  • Art

    The New Non-Profit

    15 December 2016Anna Wallace-Thompson

    The Jean-Paul Najar Foundation is a private museum that champions what founder Deborah Najar describes as “entrepreneurial philanthropy”, an approach where bigger does not necessarily mean better, and the focus is on programming and a tight curatorial vision.

  • The New Non-Profit