Venus in Fur

Set in modern day New York City, this play-within-a-play promises to encapsulate audiences with a thought-provoking showdown of the sexes. The premise of the play? Aging playwright, Thomas Novacheck, is struggling to cast for the lead role in his new play based on the 19th century novel of a certain Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Frustrated with the barrage of inadequate aspirants flooding his auditions, Novacheck is prepared to call a raincheck on the auditions and pack up for the day.

However, just when all looks bleak, in steps Vanda Jordan, an unexpectedly exceptional young actress, determined to land the role. What ensues over the course of her audition, is an electrifying game of cat and mouse with the writer/director, depicted through a sophisticated model of metatheatre. Helmed by veteran director, Juliska Szik of “Medea” fame, the play will star accomplished actor Osan Aboubakr (Almost Maine, The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue, Red, The Mousetrap, The Crucible and more) alongside budding actor - Farzana Palathingal.

With a powerhouse team behind the production, the play promises to be a gripping and intense experience of theatre in the city at its very best. Join local theatre group H72 Productions at The Junction to watch this topical piece of stagecraft that pushes the envelope in its examination of gender roles and power.

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