To Inhabit. To Be. To Live. | Opening Night

In an exhibition featuring refugees, migrants, and the spaces they inhabit, Bruno Fert offers an insight into the relationship between ‘shelter' and ‘home’. With each dwelling, we are given a glimpse into a character and a life, at a pivotal point in their journey.

Opening night is on 15 October from 7pm to 9:30pm.

“To inhabit is something we all have in common. Whether we are nomads or settled, we all inhabit a home. The temporary shelters of migrants reflect their personalities, the same way our apartments and houses speak about us. It is with this common denominator that I want the public to relate, to put themselves in someone else’s place by observing where they live. It is precisely for this reason that I take photographs of these shelters, at first, without their residents.” – Bruno Fert

This project received the Marc de Lacharriere Prize from the French Academie des beaux-arts. The second part of this work “Intimite Temporaire” is currently being shown at the Institut de France.

About the Photographer:
Since the age of 12, Bruno Fert’s ambition has been to travel the globe and photograph its inhabitants. Through his work, he sheds light on political and social issues from a singular perspective, pairing complex issues with photographs and testimonies that are relatable, and all too human.
A number of Bruno’s exhibitions have focused on the shifting nature of home and belonging, offering a closer look at villages depopulated in the 1948 Palestine war (The Absentees); the “anachronistic and unreal” tented settlements for the homeless in Paris (Tents in the City); and now the interior spaces of makeshift shelters in France, Greece and particularly ‘the Jungle’ in Calais (Refuges).
His images are regularly published in newspapers and magazines like Le Monde or Le Nouvel Observateur. His work has been recognised by la Bourse du Talent, World Press Photo, the Prix Roger Pic and the Prix de la Banque Neuflize.