The Fridge Concert Series Season 27

The Fridge's concert series returns for their 27th Season with an incredible line-up of highly talented locally based musicians that will be showcasing their original material.

1st October - WYWY supported by Flowershop

For the lovers of experimental music, WYWY is exactly what you have been searching for. Dream pop, dark ambient & ethereal wave are some of the genres which could be used to describe them. Be ready for a gigantic wave of massive sound accompanied by live visuals from Mal Vecino which will take you on the kind of listening experience you have not been through before. The first 15 guests at the show will receive free CD’s of their single ‘Disconnected’ at The Fridge Concert Series. Supporting WYWY will be the new kids on the block, Flowershop. These talented high schoolers are an Indie/Shoegaze band who just released their debut EP ‘YUKI’.

8th October - Shébani supported by Aleksandra Krstic

There are hidden sides to each person; thoughts we submerge, emotions we contain, words we decide not to pick. In a world where control is perceived as the be-all end-all of everything, it is sometimes the parts concealed that measure our strength. Shébani serves to address the elements that, we as humans, refuse to expose, to make music that embodies the hidden aspect of each of our own worlds. Supporting Shébani will be Aleksandra Krstic, an artist exploring the realms of neo-soul, alternative, R&B & chill-wave. She’ll be performing a live looping session accompanied by her producer Rayan.

15th October - ABRI supported by AJ & The Gang

U.A.E.’s very own Hamdan Al-Abri, better known as ABRI, makes his long awaited return to The Fridge Concert Series stage. ABRI will be performing reworked versions of his popular old tunes, as well as introducing the audience to his recent works. Accompanied by drummer Ratish Chadha and his gang of musicians, expect a show both retrospective and introspective as ABRI guides us through his musical journey. Where he started and where he is at now, all while sharing stories about the origins of his songs. Supporting ABRI will be the newly formed and exciting AJ & The Gang. Take a trip through the 70s & 80s as this band has touches of Soul, funk and R&B. They will be performing exclusive originals live for the first time.

22nd October - A.K. Radaydeh supported by Chris Jenkins & Joseph Williams

A.K. RADAYDEH is a professional musician, composer, arranger and music educator. He is a guitar, cello and Oud player who has performed with international musicians like Andrea Bocelli from Italy and Moein from Persia. He will be showcasing his latest album, ‘Sentimental Rage’ which will be interpreted through cello, clarinet, oud, duduke, percussion, piano & violin collaborating with some of the finest local classical musicians in Dubai. In addition to guests from Oberlin Conservatory / United States as a Support act: Chris Jenkins & Joseph Williams duo.


Entry for each night is charged at AED50 Tickets will be available at the door.